Laser engraving machine creates fashionable cloth art world

by:cycjet     2020-07-18
Generally adopts CO2 laser laser engraving machine, and now with the laser tube is small. And metal to absorb less wavelength laser, so the laser engraving machine is not suitable for engraving metal. Laser engraving machine is mainly used in wood, organic glass, glass, stone, crystal, corian, paper, double color boards, aluminum oxide, leather, tile, resin, fiber and composite materials and other non-metallic materials. Laser carving laser engraving machine advantages: 1. Power supply stable performance and long service life. 2. The operation is simple, novel design, small volume, light weight, 3. Guide the Taiwan outside of silver clip linear guide rail, using high quality belt drive, makes the fine craftsmanship. 4. Laser precision equipment, can according to the material cutting height adjustment, to ensure that the cutting process smoothly. People liters laser laser engraving machine is equipped with imported mirror, 3 piece, imported focus lens 1 slice, ensure that the process of laser transmission can play a bigger effect. Chassis adopts 3 mm thickness of cold rolled steel sheet welding chassis, chassis is equipped with fixed foot cup and universal pulley, facilitate equipment mobile and fixed. People rise laser laser engraving machine is facing the nonmetallic cutting all industries research and development of new models; Moving parts adopt imported linear guide rail and high-speed stepper motor segment; Embedded computer control, high-speed DSP digital processing technology, offline operation, humanized operation interface. Laser power and sculpture cutting speed change random control functions, high cutting precision. More convenient man-machine interface and the mechanical structure design and improvement of mechanization of truly meet the users, large-scale, fast and convenient processing. At the same time, improve the enterprise work efficiency and economic benefit, is the ideal choice for clothing co. , LTD
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