Laser engraving factory leather, bamboo fiber fabric cutting engraving machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
With broad customer perceptions of engraving machine and master gradually deepened, use scope extended from time to time will be lost and use degree will progress gradually, under the leadership of the small engraving machine rapidly development, laser engraving processing there will be more broad prospects and more market share. Bamboo slips of guangdong foshan, zhongshan, shenzhen guangzhou leather cloth cutting small laser engraving machine carving factory house at present market environment condition and requirements of this product, the development of China in recent years, laser engraving machine is fairly quickly, once upon a time a few years of large laser engraver machines to now the small machine engraving machine ( Also called diy laser engraving machine) 。 It has brought great convenience to people, the engraving machine can save much time, advances the carving process, make many industries suffer from carving machine. Bamboo slips of foshan in guangdong province zhongshan shenzhen guangzhou leather cloth cutting small laser engraving machine carving factory, laser engraving machine operation procedures 1, this machine use laser to be less visible light, harmless to the human body. The light, the body of each local are forbidden to deepen the light path, so as not to burn. 2, high pressure inside carving pattern in existence, it is strictly prohibited in use too wet environment, so as not to provoke high voltage spark. 3, the low temperature and open flame, laser processing can occur when processing it is forbidden to separate machine, in order to prevent incur a variety of safe accident attack. 4, using the former can reflect on cooling water thaw, scale, dirt infarction, circulating cooling water pump can operate properly, so as to avoid formation of laser damage. 5, it is strictly prohibited in five cooling water of the form. 6, can reflect electromagnetic air pump to normal before use, to ensure that the sculpture when blowing constantly. 7, it is forbidden to hand or other objects contact lenses, lest cause lens coating damage. After 8, the machine open, forbidden to promote rail with the hand, in order to prevent the damage its driving piecemeal. 9, ensure ventilation dust removal fragmentary dredge, avoid chassis provoking corrosion due to dust and moisture accumulation is overmuch, damage the electronic components. 10, adhere to the equipment inside and outside clean after use, remove engraving leftovers, wipe with the oil guide rail, etc. 11 parts, easy to rust, lens cleaning can dip in with cotton wool anhydrous ethanol quietly wipe. 12, untrained personnel shall not operate the machine. 13, carving obligation after the completion of necessary to cut off the power supply, water can be separated from ahead.
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