Laser engraver machines to wood products change decayed for magical

by:cycjet     2020-07-18
With the combination of science and technology, environmental protection more well-being, and the Chinese civilization each other, each other again more boundless charm. Ankang, the concept of environmental protection is an integral part of local Chinese traditional civilization, but also in use today, as the running of the step of respecting the traditional civilization of science and technology, constantly ahead of his combination of technology and civilization, the innovation and creativity is boundless, the bamboo and is a combination of wireless keyboard, mouse and so on, let our life to the nature of science and technology, civilization and the co-existence of science and technology. What is important is the keyboard key USES a laser engraving technology, long using life, will not incur handwriting vague for temporary use. Whether the keyboard or the mouse, the color, edge and polishing of the panel were distributed in natural and relaxed life smell, with high consistency. Laser engraving machine, laser engraving processing is the application of numerical control technology as the foundation, the laser medium for processing, processing data for melting under laser irradiation and gasification physical degeneration, reach the purpose of processing, with the rapid development of optoelectronic technology and laser engraving technology using range is becoming more common, carving precision demand is higher and higher. Influence of laser engraving of the four basic elements are: speed, laser power, engraving, data precision. On the specific data to reach certain carving effect, requires that absorb some energy of laser, the energy absorption of laser energy should be regarded as data = laser power/speed carving. Complex to speak is to advance information absorption of laser energy, laser power or slows the carving should be improvement, as for the use which way depends on information and sculpture effect, ordinary users can prevent fluctuation velocity, because that would reduce consumption efficiency. Actually influence the efficiency of the carving carving speed not only, also has a very big influence on the precision carving. Sculpture is very fast, usually with IPS ( Inches per second) Said, consumption of high speed with high efficiency. Speed is also used to control the depth of cut, on specific laser intensity, the slower speed, cutting or engraving depth is greater. Regulate the speed of course can also be applied carving machine panel. Carved on a specific speed, the greater the intensity, cutting or engraving depth is greater. Regulate the intensity can be used laser engraving machine panel, application of computer in the print driver order to recuperate. In the range of 1% to 100%, the adjustment range is 1%. The greater the intensity, the greater the equivalent velocity also. Cutting depth is deeper. Laser beam spot size can be used different focal length lens stop control. The sculpture of light lens used in high resolution. Big spot lens used in low resolution of the sculpture, but about vector cutting, it is a good choice. Standard configuration is 2 of new equipment. 0 inches of the lens. The spot size at both ends, and are suitable for all kinds of places. Wood is check the commonly used laser processing data, it is easy to engraving and cutting. Light color wood like birch, cherry wood or Xu Feng wood can be laser gasification, suitable for carving, so compare each wood has the characteristics of how some dense some, such as hardwood, while carving or cutting with laser power. The depth of the laser engraving machine cutting wood ordinary is not deep, within the 5 mm, this is due to the smaller power laser, such as cutting speed can form wood burning. Wood carving is common there will be a burning after the appearance, with wood has a primitive artistic beauty, match the color depth of the secondary see the laser power and speed of engraving.
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