【 Laser cutting machine which good 】 Laser cutting machine of choose and buy needs to pay attention to those

by:cycjet     2020-08-16
A lot of people when buying metal laser cutting machine, always care about the price and configuration, all want to use less money to buy the configured cutter. However, things didn't work out, the price is low quality of the equipment is not high, configured and too expensive, is not always the best of both worlds. Ah, actually we are buying laser cutting machine, in addition to see the price and configuration, but also focus on more factors, such as brand, after-sales service and so on. Liters laser small make up to tell you, today people buy metal laser cutting machine, be sure to do the 'three'. 1, look at the price. Too cheap metal laser cutting machine not to buy, the market of small power cutting machine price is in commonly 200000 to 1 million, the price of high power are between 1 million to millions. If the price is too low, there will be problems, small make up recommend or don't buy, because every business want to make money, is not likely to be lower than the cost of selling products. 2, the old and new. If is used laser cutting machine, small make up recommend or don't buy of good, because without guarantee, the quality of second-hand and follow-up maintenance cost is higher, if machine often bad, not only affects the production efficiency, also increases the cost of production, for the enterprise, is not worth the cost. 3, after-sales service. Metal laser cutting machine in use after a period of time, will inevitably have some questions. If there is no professional and technical personnel for maintenance, it is hard to handle. So all need laser cutting machine manufacturer to provide after-sales support. So there is no after-sales service, suggest not to buy.
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