Laser cutting machine processing route how to choice?

by:cycjet     2020-07-27
Laser cutting machine processing route how to choice? For processing route of laser cutting machine, this can be a lot of people are not very understanding, but this is a point of every operator must be familiar with, what is the processing route of laser cutting machine, and the selection of laser cutting machine processing route? The people rise laser small make up simple explain for everybody. Laser cutting machine processing route is to point to in the process of laser cutting processing laser cutting head movement and direction, to determine the processing route, first of all to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece and the cutting surface quality, numerical, also need to consider the length of the processing route, is conducive to the shape of the tool, the problem such as how the efficiency of the laser. Laser cutting machine for some perforated artifacts the accuracy will be higher, determining the processing route and pay attention to the positioning hole, can be used in a single approach positioning method, avoid the traditional system backlash error affect positioning precision of workpiece, in the rectangular groove machining, cutter cut out or cut, is to stay away from the corner of the rectangle to avoid cutting tools left in the corner notch. Processing route of laser cutting machine also need to consider these points: first, reduce the auxiliary time back to the time with the other. When milling parts contour, to adopt suitable milling processing, in order to see small machine tool vibration of caries, reduce the surface roughness of parts, improve the machining accuracy. About the position and stop and the position of the knife, to avoid parts selected in an important position. Laser processing routes are generally outside before. Planning a good processing route is a very important thing, a good processing route to increase cutting efficiency and save the processing time, can effectively bring benefit for the enterprise. Programming of laser cutting machine, every working procedure of cutting quantity to the determination of the programmer for processing in different ways, the amount of cutting is also different, if the amount of cutting is not appropriate, will directly affect the tool wear, the service life of the machine tool, and machining quality and production efficiency, etc.
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