Laser cutting machine of the focus lens scratched. What should I do

by:cycjet     2020-07-27
Common scratched reflective lenses one reason is that when using the machine after a period of time, there is some dirt on reflective lenses, but need to pay attention to the process of cleaning, in order to use the correct cleaning methods, so as to avoid scratching by the lens. The right way to clean the focus lens, is to use good cotton swabs, dipped into alcohol, then gently wipe the mirror. There is a layer on the reflection mirror, mirror coating, easily scratched, so be wiped gently. In addition, want to use alcohol to clean instead of water to wipe, because alcohol will evaporate, clean after won't leave a mark. If you don't handle this, so will be scratched lenses. Generally such cleaning, of course, is to use to clean a period of time, the machine just use the time will not happen; Even some customers, if the work environment is good, don't need to work on this to wipe. Below is one kind of photochemical reaction causes a lens scratched. After customers buy laser cutting machine, after some training, and then the basic society, but in the use of machines, habitual for continuous adjustable light. If the light frequency is too high, can lead to reflect lens scratched. Because the coating layer above, by continuous testing the dimming produces chemical reaction, and then results in uneven light reflection, and then the performance of this machine will drop dramatically, then lead to cut metal. In order to avoid such a situation, or in the process of training personnel training, for all you have to learn the manual one or two times, accompanied by training personnel to study, can improve their proficiency to the operation of the machine, and can avoid error, reduce the problems behind. So if it is found that laser cutting machine can't suddenly cut metal or before cutting and the effect of the difference is very big, is probably took the lens or the life of laser tube is up. Of course, if the operation is normal, it is hard to scratched lenses, a laser cutting machine, so to speak, if maintained properly, so the lens is a lifelong need not change. Laser cutting machine lenses are durable consumables, if maintain undeserved, can consume. Shenzhen people liters laser focus on product research and development and marketing of laser equipment, is a collection research and development, production, sale in a body specialized enterprise. We have strong technology, responsive after-sales team, can quickly handle all kinds of technical problems in operation. Through the integration team of professional marketing concept and study, research and development department of the company to provide new products and quality services, set up the brand image of professional. We will adhere to the world's leading process equipment to introduce domestic and to ensure the high quality of products and production efficiency. We pursue 'zero defect' quality, the high grade product. My company's main products are laser engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, uv laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and other kinds of laser equipment. At the same time can also provide personalized custom services to meet the different needs of customers, sales and service network all over the country 48 cities, products are exported to southeast Asia, by the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise, our laser equipment is widely used in advertising industry, furniture industry, printing industry, stone processing, mold industry, electronics industry and other industries.
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