Laser cutting machine of the focus lens in how to maintain, need to pay attention to those items?

by:cycjet     2020-07-27
A, in general, before using and clean before and after need to check the status of laser cutting machine focusing mirror. Because most of the contaminants and surface defect of the relatively small size, we often need to use when checking the lens amplification device. In addition to amplifying device, sometimes we need to use a more bright beam of light to illuminate optical surface, enhance the strength of specular reflection surface contaminants and defects, so that we can more easily find contaminants and defects. B, when cleaning a laser cutting machine focusing mirror, often use clean wiping paper and optical level of solvents, in order to prevent the damage by other pollutants. Wiping paper must use appropriate solvent, wetting, don't be used dry. In considering the softness, the wiping paper available for pure cotton Webril wiping paper or cotton ball, lens paper, cotton swabs and coating. C, focus lens material for ZnSe ( Zinc, arsenic) , more crisp, afraid to fall; Should pay attention to when disassembling: can't take it too hard, can't collision and hard objects. Surface coating, afraid of pollution, afraid of wet, oily, scratches; So the requirement in the work to provide the air drying, degreasing, don't directly deal with laser cutting machine with the hand focusing mirror lens, because the skin grease can produce permanent damage to the lens surface. Instead, you can wear gloves and its special gear, the smaller the lens, the use of optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers will be more convenient. No matter use what method to clamp the focus lens, laser cutting machine can only along the optical surface of clamping, such as the edge of the mirror plaque frosted edge.
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