Laser cutting machine of the common breakdown judgment and solution

by:cycjet     2020-07-27
Along with the development of the laser equipment constantly, laser cutting machine has been widely applied to all walks of life, but a lot of enterprise use enough understanding to the operation of the laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine often appear a little know how to solve the problems which affect the production time, small make up today to give you a simple introduction of laser cutting machine several common problems. A, laser cutting machine no reflect on 1 power input is normal: check the power input and make it normal. The total power switch is damaged, replace the total power switch. 3 power whether insurance tube burn: change the insurance tube. Second, laser cutting machine laser output is very weak or laser 1 device focusing on whether the focal length changes: to adjust the focal length. 2 whether focus lens pollution: clean the optics. 3 whether the light path deviation: carefully adjust the light path. 4 reflect lens: whether pollution or damage to clean or replace reflection lens. 5 if cooling water circulating: dredge water cooling. 6 whether the cooling water quality or water temperature is normal, replace the clean cooling water temperature to normal. 7 laser power supply have electricity: check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal. Laser tube is damaged or aging: replace the laser tube. 9 laser power supply is damaged, replace the laser power supply. The engine temperature is too high: 1. Shutdown for temperature down; 2. Ventilation and strengthening cooling machine; 3. Adjust the environment temperature. Three, laser cutting machine/engraving depth is not ideal: 1 laser power setting is normal: laser power set correctly. 2 cutting/engraving processing parameters is normal: setting up the appropriate processing parameters. 3 weak laser output: see point 2. Four, laser cutting machine, computer and equipment not online: 1 motor systems have electricity: check the power supply and movement system to make it normal. 2 scanning switch is open, open the scanning switch. 3 line is loose, again good line plug and fixed. 4 DSP motion control card is damaged, replace DSP motion control card ( Contact my company's after-sales service) 。 Five, laser cutting machine for processing size have error or action error: 1 line is normal: change the signal lines. 2 the machine and computer grounding is normal: will be good grounding devices and computer. Three computer running is normal: replace or deal with the computer. The computer operating system failure or infection: reinstall the operating system or antivirus. Application software is normal: to install the software and motion control card driver software. 5 power supply is not stable or interfering signal: adding stabilizer or eliminate interference signal. 6 processing programming is normal: check processing program, written in modified to make it normal. Processing parameters are set correctly (7 Such as layout, etc. ) Six: reset the corresponding parameters, laser cutting machine, the slider movement not ideal: 1 guide whether pollution: clean guide and add lubricating oil. 2 car ramp and slider: whether pollution clean slide and slide block. 3 drive belt is loose, tightness of the belt can be adjusted. 4 drive gear is loose, tighten drive gear.
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