Laser cutting machine maintenance method and the matters needing attention

by:cycjet     2020-07-27
Laser cutting machine and maintenance method 1, light path: A, the adjustment of the light path car light must be in the center position, the light path must be vertical dip B, lens on cha mirror paper medical alcohol on the lens, lens without watermarks can be commissioning C, must not adjust at will the fine-tuning of the behind the lens on the nut after 2, on the guide rail lubrication box, butter as far as possible to avoid the roll shaft rust affect precision of laser equipment, cooling water temperature 20 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius working temperature, cooling water to change water once A week, if the change of water (main work frequently Recommended with pure water, to avoid the formation of scale in the laser tube, affect the normal work of the laser tube, 4, fan: in cutting, carving wooden bamboo products such as paper and cloth material be sure to open the fan, smoke has to extract smoke, can the customer to decide according to the needs of specific work, half a year time to clean up the fan, blower: at work is to open a hair dryer, H free work material on fire. Blackened focusing mirror, if you have the smoke will affect the effect of the laser output 6 to grounding, electrostatic the machine, so as not to affect the machine to work properly, in dry environment to all computer hosts will also have the bottom line, static electricity can make the main control panel no display or is unable to load the file,
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