Laser cutting machine is widely used in laser cutting, drilling, welding, marking, etc

by:cycjet     2020-08-22
Laser cutting machine is widely used in laser cutting, drilling, welding, marking, etc. Laser cutting technology has been widely used in cutting, welding, marking, and heat treatment, etc. With the rapid development of economy, technology and progress in the field of industry, more and more sheet metal processing areas that need to be developed, more and more industrial city need to set up processing technology center. In order to improve the economic benefit. Laser cutting machine in practical application and advantages in sheet metal processing: laser cutting can effectively use of the advantages of programming software, and greatly improve the utilization of sheet materials. To reduce the use of materials and waste, and reduce the labor intensity and strength, to achieve the ideal effect. Optimization, on the other hand, unloading function, save the cutting board. Effectively reduce the clamping material, reducing machining auxiliary time. Therefore, promote the more reasonable arrangement of cutting plan, effectively improve the machining efficiency and material saving, in the growing market environment, product development means that the speed of the market. The application of laser cutting machine can effectively reduce the use of mould number, save the new product development cycle. After laser cutting parts are of good quality and production efficiency increased significantly, is advantageous to the small batch production. Strong market environment protection increasingly shorten product development cycle, and laser cutting can be used to accurately locate the blanking die, the size of the mass production to lay a solid foundation for the future, in sheet metal processing, almost all the plate need laser cutting machine and welding directly, so the application of laser cutting machine to reduce the working procedures and time limit. Effectively improve the work efficiency, can realize the intensity of labor and the dual optimization and reduce the processing cost, promote the optimization of working environment, greatly improve the speed of development and progress, reduce the investment mold. Effectively reduce the cost, in sheet metal processing laser cutting machine general application can effectively shorten the processing and manufacturing of new products cycle, reduce investment, greatly improve the working rate of workers, such as eliminating unnecessary procedures. At the same time, widely used in industrial processing laser cutting machine, can effectively deal with various complex parts, improve accuracy, help to shorten the processing cycle, directly improve the machining accuracy. In a word, laser cutting machine has been widely used in many fields. Especially as a new technology in the sheet metal processing, laser cutting has greatly increased the production efficiency and product quality. Laser cutting technology in production and life and get more sure, its application prospect and development prospects are very broad. With the continuous development of industrial society and the progress of laser processing technology. Laser cutting technology will become an important processing method in sheet metal processing technology application, peer concern and attention, and get promoted in the actual production.
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