Laser cutting machine in the clothing industry the development of the future

by:cycjet     2020-07-27
Leather, this is common in our daily lives, is almost everywhere. Almost all of its business processing is used in leather, small to act the role ofing is tasted, big to motor cars and aeroplanes. Such as clothes, gloves, sofas, leather bags, gloves, hats, leather shoes, car seat, bicycle cushion, insulating layer on the following, machinery and so on are useful to the leather, leather is an indispensable part of our life. With the development of The Times, people buy things not just look at the quality, appearance is delicate and become a very important part of the choose and buy. However, traditional processing methods have been unable to meet the needs of the People's Daily. Using traditional processing methods not only waste materials, and bulk will have all sorts of problems. In order to improve this phenomenon, laser cutting machine into the eyes of the leather processing manufacturers. Leather laser cutting machine for cutting this one function, laser cutting machine for cutting, carving, hollow out leather, and other functions, can be multi-usage. And leather is more expensive, so almost so leather processing are abandoned the traditional way of manual cutting and cutting die, their use of advanced laser cutting machine for leather processing. Because of the precious and attaches great importance to the leather, so the user had to abandon the traditional artificial clipping, cutting die, select advanced laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine for leather processing. Leather laser cutting machine become the primary choice of leather material related industries. Leather laser cutting machine has been widely applied to the processing industry, the clothing, luggage industry, in particular, in the fashion industry has a certain influence, this in order to impel the quick update of the leather laser cutting machine in order to meet the development needs. Through market competition, a large number of unqualified quality and pass the laser equipment to be being washed out gradually, to survive is high quality, good corporate credit business. So, how to pick out the right in the huge market of leather laser cutting machine, this test with each user. People rise of laser cutting machine is through the computer operation can be arbitrary graphics design, simple and convenient operation, high accuracy, high speed cutting. The equipment processing material widely, cutting edge smooth and no burr, no polishing, clean, no noise, high efficiency, less waste, is a professional engraving and cutting the user's ideal choice. Applicable scope is also very broad is not limited to one or two materials, can be widely used in cloth, tile, paper, leather, PU leather, logo embroidery, plastic, rubber, organic glass, acrylic, jade, leather, shells, horns, animal fat, double color boards, bamboo and wood products, ABS board, PVC board, fiber and composite materials and other non-metallic materials. Applicable industry have shoes materials, leather clothing, brand processing, embroidery, advertisement decoration, wood processing, packaging and printing, laser knife mold, decoration decoration industry, printing, hot stamping templates, craft gift industry, electronic industry, model industry, Construction models, aviation navigation models and wooden toys) And so on.
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