Laser cutting machine cutting burr process, how to solve?

by:cycjet     2020-07-27
Burr is very worry one thing many processing manufacturers, burr and how to cause? How to solve the problem of burr? The people rise laser below small make up to give you a simple explanation. In the use of laser cutting machine processing metal materials, burr, cutting effect is not good. This is the customer will feel is laser cutting machine product quality has a problem, but it is not. Metal laser cutting machine in the process of operation, due to improper operation, technical problems, then the process of machining may produce burr. Burr will only result in metal cutting, there is no burr problems of nonmetal. Why can produce burr? Burr is actually on the surface of metal materials with debris particles. Laser cutting machine in cutting burr material will position the material defect, burr, the more the quality is poor. Why can appear laser cutting machine processing metal burrs, can be seen from the following points, people liters laser below small make up simple explanation for everyone. Laser cutting machine in burrs, solution D1, the focus of the beam position deviation. Solution: according to the position of the laser cutting machine to produce deviation, adjust the position of the focus. D2, laser cutting machine power is not enough solution: check whether the laser output value is correct, no right to check whether the laser is operating normally, laser to periodically maintenance. D3, laser cutting machine cutting speed too slow solution: to improve the cutting speed of D4, laser cutting machine auxiliary gas purity is not enough. The solution: explain to improve the purity of auxiliary gas. D5, laser cutting machine, laser beam with the deviation. Solution: to adjust the focus, timely adjust D6, laser cutting machine operation time is too long, resulting in instability. Solution: close the restart the machine and let the machine rest. Operating laser cutting machine is a careful work, a little data errors may cause can not run normally, therefore in the process of operation must be careful, such ability reduce unnecessary mistakes.
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