Laser cutting board how to make the board is not black?

by:cycjet     2020-07-28
Laser cutting board how to make the board is not black? With the continuous development of laser cutting machine and technology, more and more have into each big industry laser equipment, laser cutting machine in furniture, building materials industry, received many high praise, as technical staff of laser cutting machine manufacturer, today small make up to you a simple introduce, laser cutting board how to make it not black? Is known to all, the use of laser cutting wood with high precision, narrow kerf width, speed and the advantages of the cut surface is smooth. But due to the laser melting the board focusing on energy can have black phenomenon in the process of cutting, is a cutting edge be carbonization. Today people liters laser laser application small expert and you talk about how to reduce or even avoid the happening of this kind of situation. First to if the cut is relatively thick wood, black think otherwise it is very difficult, but after our technical personnel of less than 5 mm thickness test summary wooden template cutting can be done not very black, and more than 5 mm will look at the situation, the following detailed how to do to make laser cutting wood is not black, may everyone know to avoid the carbonization effect of laser cutting, to use the high speed, low power, this is right, but some are misunderstood. A lot of customer feel speed the sooner the better, the lower the power, the better, in order to reduce the black, with fast speed low power cut for many times. This is very bad, carbonation effect may more black than the average. Our low power and fast to cut the wood must be guaranteed to once, on the premise of can cut through the speed is the sooner the better, the lower the power, the better. And reduce the power need cutting words for many times, actually carbonization phenomenon is more serious. Because has cut through the part will be secondary calcination, the more time the more serious carbide cutting. First part of the cut, the second cutting by burning it again. And the other part, because for the first time, not cut through so not so black and so the first point to note is that to ensure the processing and shaping in one, don't secondary processing, avoid the secondary damage. Is contradictory and fast speed, low power, the more difficult it is to cut through the faster the speed, the smaller the power the more difficult it is to cut through. We want to row between the two priorities. And according to my experience, the speed is more important than low power, with greater power, try speed how fast can cut through. , of course, this needs to be tested can be concluded that value, the following is my is my people litres of laser - MS Laser cutting machine - 1380 80 w my test data better. Cut 3 mm glued wood, I use 55% of the power, the speed of 45 mm/s. Can be seen in this parameter, the board is a little black. Cutting 5 mm three-ply board I use 65% power, the speed of 20 mm/s. 5 mm plate already dark, but the situation is good, the touch or not dirty hands. And I tried the limits of the cutting machine cutting thickness, 18 mm solid wood. ( 80 w is not very practical, you want to cut thick, can buy a 130 w tube, why not 150 I ha ha) Already dark, carbide is very serious. Laser cutting machine - The people rise laser
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