Laser automatic welding machine in the 3 c industry development prospects

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
With the improvement of living standards, the development of science and technology constantly, people demand for the quality of life and material is higher and higher. 3 c digital products also toward the small, beautiful, air is continuously development. So laser equipment widely used increasingly in the 3 c industry, and laser automatic welding machine, now is widely used in 3 c products, such as: NOKIA mobile phones, Apple laptop, iphone 4, MOTO and so on in production used in laser welding technology, laser welding has not only improved the quality of product quality, and improve the efficiency of production. Laser welding technology with the traditional welding technology have what different? People rose laser small make up now to give you a simple explanation. D1: laser welding machine speed, not changeful form, the requirements of the work environment is low, operation simple installation. D2: such as quartz, not easy to dissolve material such as titanium welding can also be easily. D3: able to micro welding and can be used for mass automatic generation of micro, small artifacts, welds smooth, beautiful, without secondary processing and grinding. D4: inaccessible location, non-contact remote welding can be imposed, and has great flexibility. And the traditional welding technology, welding not only face is not flat, surface impurities. High production efficiency is low, the consumption of raw materials, which largely improve the cost of production. So the laser equipment is widely used in 3 c industry, not only are used very widely in all walks of life. Laser equipment in the future there will be the trend of the traditional craft universal coverage. Mainly introduced the laser equipment for laser automatic welding machine, the technology products has a large number of welding is applied to the 3 c digital products. Laser automatic welding machine adopts the imported double ceramic lamp housing, power strong, programmable pulse and intelligent management system. Workbench Z axis can move up and down electric focus, industrial P machine control. Configuration standards separate X/Y/Z axis three-dimensional moving workbench automatically. The other optional rotary fixture ( Φ 80 mm or 125 mm Φ optional) 。 Monitoring and control system using microscope, red light and the CCD. With external cooling system. Main advantages: 1. USES the import double lamp ceramic light-gathering cavity cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, 8 - cavity is life For 10 years. 2. Figure of high efficiency, welding speed, can realize the automatic production assembly line. 3. Laser head can rotate 360 °, and the overall light path part can turn 360 ° and the stretching before and after. 4. Light spot size electric regulation.
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