Laser application of hollow out machine card is inserted in the cake

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
In our daily life, there are many parties can use a kind of food, so it is cake, whether it is a birthday party or a large dinner party activities, wedding ceremony and so on, the cake is necessary, delicious cake and filled with blessings from insert card, delicate and beautiful surrounding edge, quickly lit up the whole party atmosphere! Laser hollow out the cake inserted card sample laser hollow out the modelling of cake inserted card samples with insert card variety, different festivals, different time, different sites, can use different brand, such as: valentine's day CARDS, Halloween, Christmas card, birthday card, Halloween inserted CARDS, wedding card, insert CARDS, Easter CARDS, the anniversary celebration party insert card and so on. Such material basic insert CARDS are made of cardboard, surface composite picture for gold shows green paper or printed directly, do manual work is generally have produced by die cutter or laser, due to the laser made more sophisticated, is now mainly laser. Laser hollow out machine cake inserted card laser hollow out mechanism of insert card design beautiful delicate, smooth edges, high speed, high precision, the traditional printing incomparable, laser hollow out machine also can produce three-dimensional effect, decorated on the cake, the effect will be more enjoyable. Laser hollow out machine is designed for paper industry developed a new type of processing equipment, graphic unrestricted, can be designed at will, a molding, without secondary processing, one person can operate, can significantly reduce the production cost, improve the efficiency of production.
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