Inventory: why is the market price of the fiber laser marking machine is such a mess?

by:cycjet     2020-07-18
Anyone to buy things, first consider is the price and think the price is about to consider other, otherwise it is ignored. Actually then thing price is important, there are differences between the price of the product price difference is very big. Buy 'shop around' is all the common people buy, but compared to stand under the same conditions: reveal something of value immediately obvious. See this kind of phenomenon, such as: taobao above fiber laser marking machine prices varied, your price is as high as more than 10, cheap as low as 8. This let the consumer feel doubt, don't know what to buy what kind of marking machine. More than ten think too expensive, and worry about the quality of twenty thousand is not pass. Actually whether manufacturer to offer more than ten or twenty thousand, have their own truth, for they all knew that value this truth. Laser small make up today people up to analyze: why buy shenzhen laser marking machine is upset about the price, when considering the value of where? Inventory: why is the market price of the fiber laser marking machine is such a mess? Now implements modular optical fiber laser marking machine, a machine is made of several modules together, a marking machine from basic: laser, optical fiber galvanometer, marking card, vibration mirror, red light, the beam expander, laser power, marking card power, optical fiber marking machine cabinet of a few parts such as modules. And these accessories, fiber laser is the core of a component, is also a greater difference between the price a part. So a shenzhen laser marking machine, laser choose what type, will largely determine the price of the machine, of course, also affect the quality of this marking machine, because generally speaking, the price expensive things quality is relatively good, especially the import of interpublic laser must be better than domestic laser a little, so we choose a marking machine, first will see the marking machine pause with what brand of laser. Here I take 20 watts of fiber laser, laser generally divided into the following kinds: interpublic - MOPA type, SPI - MOPA, interpublic tuning Q, jie put MOPA type, sharp, chong xin, 26, high together can, China will reach, yipin laser, jitai, Europe 2 brands such as kay. Actual price will be subject to the purchase price, import must be more expensive than domestic, which is one of the influence of fiber laser marking machine price. Everyone knows you get what you pay for. If you have intention to buy shenzhen laser marking machine's customers, welcome to consult our service hotline: 13924607698 we promise to provide you with more quality products, good service, sincerely look forward to your calls.
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