Introduction: laser welding machine will be the next focus of the laser field

by:cycjet     2020-07-29
The development of modern laser technology and computer technology to the development of laser equipment has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges. In the future, the integration of design, small size, low power consumption, long life, high efficiency, maintenance free products will become the market mainstream products, brand will be laser equipment developing road should be gradually formed. And laser welding machine as one of the important equipment of metal materials processing, it has high quality, high efficiency, low distortion, high speed advantage, such as in automotive, aerospace and other high-tech fields applied more widely. Laser welding machine is made by high intensity laser beam onto the surface of the metal, with a laser interaction with metal, metal absorption laser is converted into heat energy to make metal melt cooling crystallization after welding effect. Laser welding machine will be key to a new laser industry development, laser welding machine welding speed is quick, can automatic welding machine, welding and can make any complex shape. The current domestic production of laser welding machine larger few, but with the rapid ascension of laser technology in recent years, more and more enterprises begin to deeper into the field of laser welding and laser cutting. Compared the traditional way of welding, laser welding machine of the initial investment is large, the machine is relatively expensive, high technical requirements also. But the production of high efficiency, can realize automatic welding, can adapt to the large-scale production, low breakage rate. People of the high power density laser laser welding machine, laser laser focus spot small, so it can be welding high melting point, high strength alloy material, and welding heat affected zone is small, the material deformation small, without the advantages of the subsequent processing. And laser welding machine of high efficiency, stable machining quality, has the good economic efficiency and market efficiency, from the point of view, this kind of advantage of laser welding machine to replace the traditional way is a matter of time. The traditional welding methods of long time, low efficiency. So is a tendency of the development of laser welding machine, laser welding machine and laser marking machine, laser cutting machine is different, laser cutting machine and laser marking machine can realize the large-scale, batch production, and this is the laser welding machine can't do for the time being. Because no one processing factory requirements are different, so it's hard to do laser welding machine, but with the development of the Internet, this phenomenon is likely to change. From 2016, laser equipment, laser marking machine in the previous basic occupied half of the laser market, laser cutting machine now, believe that after the laser marking machine and laser cutting machine after selling, laser welding machine is certainly the next star of the laser industry.
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