Internet move creative license key optical fiber laser marking machine how many money?

by:cycjet     2020-07-13
Laser marking machine has gradually replaced the traditional processing technology, now the state advocates of environmental protection, many with polluting processing methods will be eliminated, then the advantages of laser marking machine and is especially obvious. Laser marking machine, no pollution, no noise, convenient operation, high speed, high precision and so on. Shenzhen citizen liters laser besides quality increase the competitiveness of the customers, the company is more of an emphasis on the advantage of powerful after-sales service to ensure customer's product quality and production efficiency. The design of the laser marking machine adopts one-piece structure, a new way of light path sealing, stable and reliable, appearance of high-grade, moderate price, easy operation, can control the target depth, can work continuously for a long time. Laser engraving without mold, there is no limit to the graphics, can be arbitrarily marking any graphics, text, symbols, qr code, bar code, etc. , and marking of delicate and beautiful, can improve the grade of the product in an instant. Scope of application of laser marking machine is very broad, such as: electronic appliances, communications, medical equipment, food and pharmaceutical packaging, jewelry, crafts, IT industry, hardware, auto parts and so on are used to the laser marking machine equipment for product identification. In recent years our country vigorously support the development of laser industry, support r&d and production of laser equipment companies. Believe not just in the future the laser marking machine to its own advantage better service in the processing and marketing. Domestic laser marking machine is currently available only in the surface of sculpture, complicated three-dimensional mold still need manual sculpture, carving or with the aid of computer engraving, this limits the development of the laser engraving industry. And have foreign equipment manufacturers to develop the system and the application of three-dimensional laser engraving, and has already begun to domestic sales. Domestic research and development of laser application is far road.
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