Internet meeting notice to the laser on the food safety information - 【 The people rise laser 】

by:cycjet     2020-08-22
The Internet conference - Pay attention to laser engraving food information security with the coming of cold air, the annual conference on the Internet by the Chinese state Internet information office and jointly organized by zhejiang province people's government of the fourth 'world conference on the Internet, wuzhen summit' on December 3, 2017 - 5, held in wuzhen, zhejiang province. Will have attracted worldwide attention in the second world assembly on the Internet. Conference guests from all over the world on five continents over 120 different countries and regions, including important head of more than 20 international organizations, and more than 500 Internet business leaders, experts, scholars, Internet celebrity, involved in the Internet space, including laser marking food information security and other fields, is participating. One of the food safety issues, has been involved in the Internet congress the discussion of the problems of laser marking information security. Laser marking can achieve food can pursue all the way, is to ensure the safety of food safety is the most powerful means. How do this words speak? The answer came. Laser engraving is using laser technology to date, bar code, serial number, logo and logo by laser printing engraving to the product package of plastic or metal, this kind of marker in addition to have permanent indelible sex, also has the uniqueness of security code. Thus in this way, can avoid some 'dirty' businessman to tamper with the product production date, production code, the rights and interests of consumers is fully protected. Actually we calm think, says there is no reason, laser device can really satisfy to this, so any need of the products is security, the only, authority, real mark, is inseparable from the laser equipment, food safety in China for the moment, is quite a big problem. Country attaches great importance to the livelihood of the people, just add value their opinions. So the laser marking equipment application in the food industry has been all about living, the food is safe and effective to identify problems need to solve. We are looking forward to this annual conference on Internet effectively to explore food safety, green, safe, drinking safety, thus the laser marking machine information and close relationship is an essential part of food safety information. This article from: www。 szmslaser。 com) Reprint please indicate the ( L laser)
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