Information: people up Chinese laser industry development present situation analysis

by:cycjet     2020-08-02
In laser technology research in China has experienced the developing course of more than 50 years, from 1961, the Chinese Academy of Sciences changchun optical precision machinery research institute developed the first ruby laser from today in our country, our country has had the initial product quality, performance, etc, can compete with foreign firms, and in the domestic market occupies a large part of market share, even there are a lot of companies have a lot of foreign markets. Laser industry application in the industrial market is constantly expanding, is now the development of analysis: at present, our country has more than 10 research institutions, five state-level laser technology research center, often years of development has finalize the design product production and sales, formed a certain scale of enterprise unit reached more than 200, distributed in more than 20 provinces and cities. Major distribution areas in hubei, Beijing, jiangsu, Shanghai, guangdong and other economically developed provinces and cities, and formed in the provinces and cities as the main body of the central China, bohai gulf, the Yangtze river delta, pearl river delta, four major industrial clusters and laser laser crystal, key components, fittings, lasers, laser systems, application development, public service platform, has formed a complete laser industrial chain. China in the laser processing equipment market occupied most of the laser market quota, and the speed of development is very quick, the future development of space is very large. Market consists of laser processing equipment, laser measurement, medical laser equipment, photoelectric communication laser equipment, laser components, and so on. In addition, the domestic application in laser after years of development, has been in the clothing industry, automobile industry, aerospace, power energy industry, fine processing, electronic appliances, integrated circuits, communications equipment, machinery processing, medical, dental, hairdressing instrument, medicine, food, jewelry, building materials, household items and so on has the use of laser equipment. These days, or in the field of high-end laser products to the United States, Japan, Germany and other regions of the multinational enterprises, low-end market is given priority to with domestic laser products, in the domestic high power laser equipment industry accounts for twenty percent of the market share, and extreme market accounted for eighty percent. In small and medium-sized power cutting machine market, for example, the small and medium power laser cutting equipment industry in our country is still in its early growth stage, the domestic laser equipment manufacturing enterprise scale is generally small, annual sales income over one hundred million yuan of laser equipment manufacturing enterprises. According to a 2008 - 2009, according to data from the laser market under the negative growth of twenty-four percent in the whole world, the laser market has maintained a fifteen percent growth, income of around 11. 6 billion yuan, even in the laser industry become a new force in global laser market, until 2015 China's laser sales amount of 21. 8 billion yuan, compared with almost doubled in 2009. Above is laser small make up people up Chinese laser industry development present situation analysis.
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