In the process of a laser target product defects in what reason be?

by:cycjet     2020-08-10
1, pay attention to the marking marking machine the scope of the focus lens has a scope, beyond the scope of design marking will not clear or don't come out design, and beyond location will appear uneven effect. 2, when the laser thermal lens phenomenon through the optical lens ( Refraction, reflection) When the lens fever causes slight deformation. This deformation can make the laser focus focus, shorter focal length. If the machine is fixed, adjust the distance to the focus, the laser after a period of time, made by a thermal lens effect on the material of the laser energy density changes, resulting in engraving effect is not uniform. 3, the problem of raw materials of laser energy response is sensitive. Usually under the same material, the laser energy to material damage threshold is certain. When the materials have different coating thickness, or some other physical and chemical treatment process is not uniform, will also cause the effect after the laser engraving is not uniform. 4, marking machine equipment did not put the balance due to not levels, can lead to a laser beam through the field lens after reaches the extent of the inconsistency on the processing objects, the energy of the laser falls on the processing object will eventually have inconsistent energy density, at this point in the effect of heterogeneous materials. 5, light path output location obscured or stain (1). Laser output, fixed clamp and vibrating mirror is not set, lead to laser through some vibration lens flare obscured, after field lens focused on the frequency doubling piece of flare is a circle, this also is likely to lead to the effect is not uniform. ⑵。 Still have a kind of situation, namely the galvanometer deflection lens injury, when the laser beam through the lens damage area, can't reflect well. Therefore, the laser beam through the lens damage area is inconsistent with the lens no damage area of laser energy, in the ultimate role of laser energy is different also, so that the engraving effect is not uniform.
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