In 2018 the price of laser marking machine why so big difference

by:cycjet     2020-08-20
In 2018 the price of laser marking machine why so big difference? 2018 Spring Festival is coming to an end, people still enjoy the festival atmosphere of the Spring Festival, each enterprise has started the New Year starts, must have a lot of purchasing in 2018 purchasing optical fiber laser marking machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment, will find that the current chaotic laser marking machine industry has a lot of companies, and these companies big and small will quote us different prices, so we will start to make confused when buy, don't know how to begin, but neither the company, everyone should know the value that people rise laser below small make up to analyze the difference of price: fiber laser marking machine or semiconductor marking machine or co2 laser marking machine, various businesses launched by the equipment can be normal use, as are many and equipment configuration, just different brand. Because of difference in the important laser laser equipment price of different equipment, glass fiber laser is the use of rare elements as a kind of gain medium, and formed in special application of radio, film and high power density of a particle conversion working medium, after other working medium to form the so-called laser light source. The scope of using this kind of light source is very frustrated, in metal and non-metallic marking/welding/cutting applications, has been a big advantage and industrial manufacturers. A good laser accessories can bring laser equipment have numerous advantages, first in terms of cost of manufacturing and technology research and development with the support of miniaturization and low cost; Good fiber quality for intake of light does not need strict position matching crystal technology, photoelectric automatic evenly for absorption; The application of optical fiber is also on the overall power consumption is reduced, so the lower calorific value and wastage and low heat energy will not produce damage to anything; Output power can be divided into more energy, and increase the line can be coordinated, to coordinate multiple beam focused work; Treat dust to the requirement of environment also cheaper, and the temperature tolerance can play a variety of conditions; High quality factor for the use of energy saving and cost is good enough. Therefore, when buying equipment, although the same name, the same name, but different price. So when the choose and buy equipment, especially laser equipment can not only listen to the cause of the price, to understand from a variety of performance!
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