In 2018, laser marking machine to make money

by:cycjet     2020-08-20
In 2018, laser marking machine to make money? Due to continuous improvement to upgrade the laser industry, many entrepreneurs choose the laser engraving business, such as laser processing, following laser engraving products, such as a laser marking vendors would e-commerce, received a lot of entrepreneurs consulting every day, today we are going to calculate the bill for everyone, fiber laser marking machine is not much money this problem, a lot of consulting equipment friends must know about the role of optical fiber laser marking machine has about the same, we were not introduced, people can not understand in litres of laser on the left side of the site search to understand: removal of industrial applications, is the products of the enterprise need to marking, additional laser marking processing is making money, must have been asked this question friend want to buy a laser marking machine external processing, processing of products such as: 1, gold and silver jewelry for laser marking: the price is in commonly a 20 yuan; 2, following laser marking processing, generally is in play or play some nice nice photos: price is 10 yuan a commonly; 3, stainless steel pendant laser marking processing, generally 20 yuan a pendant ( Including pendants, packaging, shipping, marking, about 40 yuan), ; 4, wooden photo frame photo ( Using CO2 laser marking machine) : 50 yuan a commonly; 5, and other small or nameplate, generally calculate by a high volume, generally in 3 yuan of above; These are laser processing price detail, there are many may be our factory also didn't involve, so not too clear, such as contact details, consult the laser marking vendors would the personnel of the service;
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