How to use laser marking machine to build traceability system

Along with laser marking machine development, it is used in different areas, such as food, electronics, medical, construction material etc. It could print characters, bar-code, QR-code, Serial no, Random Code on product.

The traceability system has been widely used in various industries, actually it is a kind of product can be positive, reverse or non directional tracking system of production control, it could be applied to various types of products. The task of the traceability system is to ensure that the specified parts are installed on the specified product to achieve the desired performance and ensure safety. Laser Marking Machine technology is the key in the process of building up the system.

With the continuous development of the laser marking machine and  "Internet plus" mode, more and more enterprises and users have to use the Internet thinking, combinate laser marking machine and internet, to develop new application areas of laser marking technology. Then establish the product traceability information and intelligent system. The enterprise could control quality and external customer terminal query by laser marking of irreversible QR-CODE. Right now, laser marking machine is widely used in food, medical, electronics, industrial accessories and other industries, and the laser tracing technology and the relevant national laws and regulations consistent, fast and full range to achieve any product safety, traceability.

The laser marking machine, marking QR-code or bar-code on raw material during production process, then uploaded information by scanning gun to the cloud database, transfer to the warehouse management. Through this way, enterprise could control of material quality and safety audit, inspection and supervision in the process of production. When products delivered to the channel distributors and retail channel position, the people could find the identity of product by laser marking QR-code, to prevent other area product spread to specified area. The irreversibility of laser marking can also effectively prevent forgery and avoid the mixing of fake and shoddy products.

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