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How to Mark Information on the Eggs by CYCJET Laser Marking Machine

How to Mark Information on the Eggs by CYCJET Laser Marking Machine


As an important source of supplementary nutrients for Chinese residents, eggs account for a large proportion of residents’ diets. With the upgrading of consumption, consumers’ requirements for eggs’ quality are increasing day by day, and the market’s requirements for eggs’ quality are getting higher and higher. In the past, eggs were usually sold in bulk and were not cleaned when they left the factory. But nowadays, exquisite baskets are mostly used in shopping malls. Eggs packed in boxes are becoming more common and the quality has been upgraded. It is understood that in order to improve the quality of eggs, equipment such as egg sorting, cleaning, and egg coding has been increasingly used in egg production.

In the process of egg coding, coding equipment is indispensable. At present, the coding equipment on the market is mainly divided into two categories: one is ink printing equipment, another is laser marking equipment. Then, should we choose the inkjet printer or laser marking machine for marking on eggs?

Egg coding must first ensure the safety of customers’ eating. Because the eggshell is thin and loose, you can see thousands of small holes on the eggshell under the magnifying glass. The ink sprayed by the inkjet printer can easily enter the egg. While, the traditional inkjet printer uses chemical ink consumables, which will pollute eggs. Secondly, egg products cannot be subjected to great pressure, and the shell will be crushed by the contact marking method. The non-contact marking of the laser marking machine causes the surface material to evaporate and expose the deep-seated material so that the information is firmly imprinted on the egg, which is permanent and beautiful. It can also keep the eggshell intact, and is environmentally friendly, stable. However, the marks produced by traditional inkjet printers are relatively simple and easy to be altered. They can be wiped off by simply dipping a cotton cloth with alcohol, which is easy for unscrupulous merchants to fake. Obviously, inkjet printers are not the best choice for marking eggs.

Different laser marking equipment has different application fields. Among them, the metal tube laser marking machine and glass tube laser marking machine is most suitable for the egg production industry. The CYCJET laser marking machine builds a bridge of trust between food and consumers, and truly achieves high standards and strict requirements in every process from production to sales, and regulates the food market. Let consumers clearly understand the brand, batch number, and other information of eggs, and also create an opportunity for producers to show their advantages. To ensure food safety, CYCJET laser marking machines have been in action.

In particular, CYCJET laser marking machines can complete coding and marking work in different environments and can print QR codes, bar codes, production dates and other information on various materials, including plastic, hardware, wood, and carton, which is widely used in various industries.

Equipment recommendation: CYCJET CO2 Laser Marking Machine

This model is widely used in a variety of materials. And the content of marking is not restricted, including personalized patterns and graphics, company trademarks, product serial numbers, production supervision units, and exclusive supply regions, etc., which can effectively prevent disorderly competition of counterfeit products and increases the added value of products.


1. Using advanced scanning galvanometer technology, it can quickly complete high-quality marking on a large printing surface;

2. It has a compact structure, modular design, and high-quality code, can be installed in a small space to meet the requirements of harsh production environments;

3. Smart touch screen, easy operation, and accurate marking;

4. Diversified applications and adaptable to various materials.

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