How to make maintenance for large character inkjet printer?

The stable operation and reliable performance of large character inkjet printers meet the primary standards of various industries, and it can operate in harsh environments. It is also optimistic for enterprises to buy large characters. If our production location is wet or dusty, it is not You can purchase large character inkjet printers in our stable vibration environment and put them into our production.

 Let's take a look at the industries in which it is currently the most practical, beverage food industry (beverage caps, beverage bottles, food packaging bags), pharmaceutical industry (medicine boxes, aluminum foil, film), plastic doors and windows industry (plastic steel doors, wood, Glass), mobile phone electronics industry (display, housing, chip, circuit board), steel industry, paper packaging industry, metal industry, and other materials can be used. 

The maintenance of large font inkjet printer we should pay attention to is as follows:

First, the operator should know the sequence when the metal pipe inkjet printeris working, must install the ink cartridge and then turn on the printer.

Second, the ink used should pay attention to maintenance, and should not enter the impurities.

Third. The metal sheet inkjet printer cannot use expired ink, and expired ink cannot be mixed with new ink.

Fourth, the harm of static electricity has a great impact on the coding opportunities, we should do a good job of grounding prevention. To avoid unnecessary accidents.

Fifth, the inspection of the printer filter must be in place, you can not wait to replace it. Small savings often lead to large investments.

Sixth. When we are repairing the circuit or the nozzle, we must pay attention to protecting the personal and the danger of power connection. It is necessary for us to turn off the main power.

Seventh. Pay attention to the tightness of each interface when using large character inkjet printers. Do not leak air or leak ink.

Eighth. When adding ink, we must pay attention to whether there is any air bubbles in the ink. If there are air bubbles, we should immediately take measures to prevent the intermittent supply of ink during normal work.   

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