How to control the quality of the glass laser marking machine?

by:cycjet     2020-08-09
Many factories technicians to glass will use laser marking operation, but to do is delicate, a confused mind, today small make up will give you a simple talk about in the operation of the laser marking machine operation, we should be how to control the quality of the glass laser marking machine? In factories and manufacturing continuous improvement and development of a new technology to make use of sealing off carbon dioxide ( 二氧化碳) Laser marking machine directly on the glass with clear-cut quality mark has become a reality, it is a kind of can replace expensive solid laser marking method and the traditional glass technology, carbon dioxide (25 w 二氧化碳) Laser can meet the need of most on the glass. Carbon dioxide ( 二氧化碳) Laser by breaking the glass on the glass surface, thus appears a certain number of cracks in the glass is allowed, but excessive crack can lead to potential weak, mark is not clear, strength of materials is more serious is that make the substrate becomes loose, but you also need not worry, in the laser engraving machine enterprise constantly found that precise control in the process of marking materials can avoid these problems, the amount of crack through the summary, there are three methods can be control glass type and amount of cracks on the surface: the first method is to use multiple laser radiation; The second method is to use discrete points to form annular crack; The third method is to produce crack surface crack. First of all, the first party with a laser radiation can be visible on the glass to produce a clear-cut mark, but it is important to note that the direction of the crack and stress pattern will extend in the direction perpendicular to the laser mobile. Tag printing and even a few days later, after a short time these cracks in vertical direction of laser movement will form a new crack, extension to the original mark near the outside area formed fragments, thus affect the clarity of the tag. Using multiple laser radiation, with mark area adjacent area through heat conduction is heated, so that these regional formation stress gradient, reduce the possibility of a second burst. In this way on the soda-lime glass and boron silicate glass is very effective. A laser radiation on the fused silica glass and quartz glass is more effective, because these two kinds of material expansion coefficient is very low. The second method is to use a series of circumferential crack forming words, shape, a square or rectangular bar code and other code design. Glass by heating and cooling cycle from low density ring crack. Glass caused expanding extrusion materials around, heating when the temperature rises to the glass to softening point temperature, the rapid expansion of glass to form a bulge on the surface of the glass dome of low density materials. After heating glass contraction to the surface of the initial position, but the relaxation time is the low density of the formation time, make its cannot recover to the softening temperature before starting position. Use three different methods of tag with carbon dioxide ( 二氧化碳) Laser marker on the glass, namely through multiple laser; Discrete points to form annular cracks and cracks of surface crack. Because of the light energy is gaussian distribution, so the spot center at higher temperature. When the high return to starting position, close to the center of the circular crack in this area. Formed in the low density area and standard density area between the joint form stable circular crack. This method is suitable for the ordinary optical materials reinforced glass and tempered glass, chemistry or normal sodium calcium on float glass standard. The third way is using the same heating and cooling process, is to make a specific volume of the surface of the glass. But the third method used light spot size is larger, the joint density of two area boundary annular crack method did not clear. Marks caused by this method can not immediately visible, requirements after a little pressure to lattice cracks along the laser marking area. With no fragments produced by cracking stripe filling design form text, graphics, and all kinds of code. Because this approach requires surface of pure quality, with high quality auto glass so can print out the clear mark. If you can master the above class methods, maybe you will easily master the quality problem of the glass laser marking machine, hope that the people rise above content can help to the people!
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