How to choose the laser marking machine manufacturer is called the 'false edge tool'

by:cycjet     2020-08-09
As industrial enterprises, with the rapid development of production technology and the application of co2 laser marking machine is becoming more and more widely, demand, utilization rate is high, make the whole of China, large and small manufacturers around the spring come out, more manufacturers, the competition between them is more and more fierce, in order to expand sales of enterprises, the laser marking machine manufacturers to continuously improve the marking machine production technology and improve the quality of the product, in order to enhance the strength of enterprises, so how can we as dealers choose good marking machine manufacturers cooperate with known? First, look at quality of marking machine manufacturers. When looking for cooperation manufacturer, must be the manufacturer to provide the sample of the marking machine, because the manufacturer said to the skies also use personally as you, let the product speak personally more affordable, and be sure to go to factory on-the-spot investigation, focuses on them from the raw material and parts procurement to the entire production link, then there is the production technical level of workers, production equipment is first laser marking machine, etc. , as a factory production product quality is decide by these key factors, you choose a trustworthy manufacturer production product, also take responsibility for their own customers, if the quality closes nevertheless, virtually your customers can also slowly drain, this point cannot ambiguous. Second, factory production size. Factory production scale is big, won't because of the demand of the market rally marking machine and raw material prices float to produce the change of product quality, of course, different scale enterprise have their own advantages, this needs you personally inspect contrast, from a long-term point of view, in fact, as everybody knows, the bigger the scale of the higher the credibility of the enterprise, the quality of the marking machine production is guaranteed. Third, the factory production capacity. Production capacity determine the productivity of an enterprise size, before we choose laser marking machine manufacturers, will receive many manufacturers provide a written report, including the annual output value, profit for the year, and so on, don't misled by appearances, this is not necessarily true, ultraviolet laser marking machine don't see these Numbers is hasty decision, to go to factory production line with first-hand information. Fourth, the enterprise research and development team. Every large enterprise has an excellent r &d team, they will be according to the product on the market after using the feedback information of constant innovation to improve various properties of products, with innovative technical talent of the enterprise continuous development, the enterprise is let us rest assured cooperation and long-term cooperation between enterprises. For the laser marking machine, are basically uniform and computer, also is our input must be in the middle of the computer program, in a nutshell, is what we need to design or numeric type, after laser marking machine can according to our reservations input for marking, as it is to use the laser, so for the whole process of marking is very short. Laser marking machine is also known as the 'false edge tool, because some of the features of its itself, cast the uniqueness of its printed content, this is not able to optical fiber laser marking machine to cheat, this also is a lot of manufacturers to build its own brand means a perfect, as long as you set in the middle of the computer system, so you can get what you want the marking content, clear, precise and permanent mark. For laser marking machine, due to not directly contact marking, so will not have a template, the service life of the limitation of arguably not only can realize batch production, and the use, maintenance cost is very low, in other words, although we purchased in premise of the laser marking machine price is relatively high, but because of its service life is long, the late maintenance cost is lower, so, after conversion down, compared to traditional marking machine, laser marking machine price will be higher. Buy laser marking machine, of course, we just take a fancy to the precision and speed, in have the advantages of the price and speed at the same time, combined with itself of some of the environmental protection, the extensity of material, natural, became the most attention by people's marking machine. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. Is a company committed to global customers with laser equipment and laser intelligent solutions high-tech enterprises, the company mainly research and development production _ _ _ laser marking machine - sales Laser welding machine Laser cutting machine - Laser engraving machine, the hotline: 400 - 009 - 8266 http: / / www。 szmslaser。 com/。
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