How to choose a good laser engraving machine? The people rise laser

by:cycjet     2020-08-09
A lot of people at the time of purchase carving machine don't know how to choose and buy a good laser engraving machine, small make up people up for everyone to introduce our how to buy a good laser engraving machine! With the development of the enterprise market, various types of laser engraving machine products on the market, have the class on their own production machines, machine imported from machine, import parts in domestic assembly machine, have a professional engraving machine, professional laser marking machine, professional cutting machine, there are also many, the body has the functions of two or more machines, so we should how to choose and buy? Actually the choose and buy laser engraving machine has a lot of tips: first, first consider what material to sculpt: according to different, produced by the laser, laser engraving machine can be roughly divided into YAG and co2 ( 二氧化碳) Two kinds, the former is mainly aimed at the application of metal products, the latter is given priority to with non-metallic, laser device on the market at present in the majority with the latter. Second, according to the processing of materials needs to choose laser equipment, laser equipment are used in different ways can be roughly divided into carving, cutting and marking three, some are basically, some of them are a variety of functions, should be in accordance with the main demand to choose. Third, according to the processing of product size: select the appropriate machine wide, that is, for the size of the laser engraving machine wide choice, but should pay attention to machine wide big is not necessarily good, because the large-format equipment, of course, more expensive, and some of the poor quality of machinery and equipment of each point on the surface of the large average degree of laser output instability, the carving products shades of the same table, so choose the appropriate format is correct. Fourth, select the appropriate laser tube power: according to the carved material is different from drawing class capacity. Should choose appropriate of laser tube wattage, another such as acrylic and double color boards carving don't need too big of laser tube power, but such as wood and stone carving and any material cutting may need a high power laser tube, can only be received get twice the result with half the effort effect. Fifth, consider the speed of the laser equipment: in a very short period of time with faster speed to produce more products to create higher profits, so the speed of the speed can be key to whether can receive orders and make money, Epilog laser equipment at a speed of up to 304 in the United States. 8 cm/SEC, speed is 203. 2 cm/SEC, than the general products on the market of only 106 cm/SEC to say actual worlds apart. Sixth, choose the accuracy of laser engraving machine, laser engraving differs from the traditional equipment and manual sculpture carving is of high precision, the world only the Epilog laser equipment to 1200 dpi, imported brand and a few other products can be up to 1000 dpi, some of the domestic equipment precision is still very low. Seventh, after-sales maintenance services: machinery and equipment after-sales service is very important, but people are often in a false myth, people always think domestic machine for domestic production, so the parts made rapid convenient, but good quality imported machinery and equipment is not easy to damage, so often there will be no need of maintenance, it is of poor quality because machine are often damaged, only need special care about this point.
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