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How to Achieve the Perfect Combination of Marking Technology and Anti-counterfeiting for Clothing Tags by CYCJET UV Inkjet Printer?

How to Achieve the Perfect Combination of Marking Technology and Anti-counterfeiting for Clothing Tags by CYCJET UV Inkjet Printer?


A clothing tag is a brand hung on clothing. It contains information about clothing materials, washing precautions, etc. Its materials mainly include coated paper, special paper, PVC, canvas, ribbon, metal, bamboo, wood, leather, and PU. Although each garment company has its own unique tag, most manufacturers print the same info on the tag, such as the name, address, phone number, zip code, logo, bar code, etc.

With the popularity of retrospective anti-counterfeiting bar codes, more and more clothing companies are printing bar codes on hang tags to prevent counterfeiting of their products. The clothing anti-counterfeiting tag is based on modern information anti-counterfeiting technology. A piece of clothing corresponds to a random unique anti-counterfeiting code. The enterprise enters this anti-counterfeiting code into the query system in advance, and consumers can verify the authenticity by checking the anti-counterfeiting code after purchasing goods.

The hangtag UV inkjet printer is a tagging and marking device that prints variable data bar codes or other information on clothing tags. It can print variable data on a variety of different materials. CYCJET UV inkjet printer adopts imported industrial piezoelectric print head, industrial Android system, high-definition touch screen, intelligent electronic control negative pressure ink supply system, with non-stop ink replacement and one-click maintenance functions. It is suitable for a wide range of applicable materials, with a beautiful printing effect, high printing accuracy, high speed, easy maintenance, fast-drying ink, good adhesion and will not damage the surface of the printed items.

Clothing companies generate different unique anti-counterfeiting codes through their own anti-counterfeiting systems and assign codes to each clothing tag by the CYCJET UV inkjet printer. The clothing-related information recorded in this exclusive anti-counterfeiting code includes clothing manufacturer, clothing brand, clothing production batch number, clothing production scene, etc.

In addition, there is a specific process of clothing production. Starting from clothing design, all raw materials, sewing production process, packaging and transportation process, specific channel distribution, store retail, etc., until the final consumer purchase, all traceability information can be recorded in the anti-counterfeiting code.

Consumers can search for all clothing information by scanning the code to find out whether the clothing is the selected brand product. Clothing companies can comprehensively control clothing anti-counterfeiting traceability data through their own database system, obtain market trends, ensure clothing quality, avoid fleeing goods behaviors, and provide basic guarantees for the healthy development of the brand.

In the clothing industry, clothing tags play an important role. With the development of technology, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has gradually received attention. Many manufacturers will install electronic tags on clothing tags to achieve anti-counterfeiting, counting, and other work. At present, many products use RFID electronic tags on labels or flexible packaging to compound the inner layer of printed products, and the surface layer uses UV inkjet printers to print internal codes or variable data two-dimensional codes to increase the product’s anti-counterfeiting effect.

RFID clothing tag is a kind of electronic label, and the printing on the electronic label needs to rely on a UV inkjet printer. CYCJET can provide customers with more efficient and stable production solutions. CYCJET UV inkjet printer system supports a variety of content printing, such as one-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional code, dot matrix code, anti-counterfeiting code, pictures, text, variable database, serial number, etc. In addition, the use of environmentally friendly imported UV inks can have good adhesion and gloss on different material surfaces and can print with one nozzle or multiple nozzles.

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