How much is the price mould laser welding machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-07
Mold how much money a laser welding machines that may be all need care, we ordinary both to the pursuit of quality and affordable price, don't worry, foshan zhongheng 3 grain laser technology unlimited company will give to you the choice of content, the preferential benefit price, high quality products, the relative will not let you despair. Mold how much money a laser welding machine the results in this paper, not to seek first, pick up and will give you introduced the mold what are the mold repair method commonly used in the welding machine? Mould has the extremely vital role in the ancient industry, its quality indirectly resolution to the quality of the products. The use of progressive die life and precision, prolong the mould manufacturing cycle, many enterprises is an urgent need to handle the technical achievement, but in the mold use process often appear flat Angle, deformation, wear, or even broken and other effective way. Thus, a new huapeng thought to the mold repair is necessary. There are a number of ways for repairing mold, such as edm process, argon arc welding, laser welding repair technology, brush plating solution. Mould laser welding machine repair method of argon arc welding repair applications continue to between electrode and workpiece quenching arc as heat source, the welding torch nozzle gas maintenance to stop the welding arc. The argon arc welding is a common way, can be applied to large local secondary metals, including carbon steel, alloy steel. Melting inert gas welding maintenance is suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, zirconium, and nickel alloy, because of the low price, is widely used in mold repair welding, the welding heat affected area is big, solder joints, currently in fine mold repair has been gradually replaced by laser welding. Mould laser welding machine repair one way high-power laser welding is applied in laser welding repair related monochrome of photon beam focusing laser beam for welding heat source to stop. This kind of welding method usually have continued power laser welding and pulse power laser welding. Laser welding is not demand to stop in the vacuum, defect is a strong penetrating power than the electron beam welding. Laser welding can stop accurate control of energy, so you can complete welding of delicate devices. It can be used in a lot of metal, especially can handle some difficult to weld metal and the welding of dissimilar metal. Has be used in the mold repair.
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