How many people in YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL export department?
With the promising sustainable development of SHANGHAI YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, the scale of our export department has grown a lot. More and more professionals have joined this family and do their best to make contributions to the maximum interests of the customers. They have accumulated rich experience in communicating with foreign buyers and can establish and keep good business relations with them. What's more, they can answer inquiries promptly and always follow up with customers. Moreover, they are industrious because they spend much time on studying market trends and customers preference so as to offer more satisfying cooperation experience to customers.

YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL has been focusing on the R&D, design, and manufacture of handjet printer since the foundation. We are a company well-recognized in the China market. The TIJ Inkjet Printer is one of the main products of YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL. Each and every cycjet small character inkjet printer that leaves our factory has undergone and passed stringent strength testing in terms of strip tensile, tear, and seam strength. The interface makes it easy to read and enter information. The product is characterized by its excellent heat dispersion capacity. Its material has many desirable properties for thermally efficient and durable heat exchangers. The interface makes it easy to read and enter information.

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