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How does the CYCJET Laser Marking Machine Perform Internal Carving on Crystal Glass?

How does the CYCJET Laser Marking Machine Perform Internal Carving on Crystal Glass?


In front of the crystal gift counter, we often see glass and crystal crafts with some patterns carved inside. Many people will be curious about these dazzling crystal products. How are these patterns carved in?

These glass and crystal handicrafts are made with laser marking machines. In fact, most of the crafts commonly seen are not real crystals, but artificial crystals. A laser is a tool for “internal carving” of artificial crystal, which also called “crystal glass”. Using laser internal marking technology, a flat or three-dimensional pattern can be “carved” in the crystal glass with a laser beam.

Such carving technology has no consumables, no dust, volatile substances, and emissions, and no pollution to the external environment, which is incomparable to traditional engraving. And the working environment of workers can be greatly improved. In addition, the entire processing process is fully controlled by the system software with a high degree of automation. Compared with the traditional carving process, the labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced. Traditional internal carvings are mainly used for murals. Nowadays, internal carvings are often used to decorate rooms and display scenes with four-dimensional effects. Therefore, the production of internal carved glass is easier to realize standardized, digital, and networked production.

The sculpture is an ancient art. Generally, the carving process starts from the outside of the object, but the laser can enter the inside of the object for carving. Upon closer inspection, there are no openings for the “carving knife” around these glass and crystal products.

The principle of laser carving is actually very simple. For the laser to be able to carve glass, its energy density must be greater than a certain critical value or threshold value that can destroy the glass. While the energy density of a laser somewhere is related to the size of its spot at that point. For the same laser, the smaller the spot, the greater the energy density. In this way, by focusing, the energy density of the laser can be lower than the destruction threshold of the glass before it enters the glass and reaches the processing area and exceeds this critical value in the area to be processed. The laser generates pulses in a very short time, and its energy can cause the crystal to be heated and ruptured in an instant, resulting in extremely small white spots, carving a predetermined shape inside the glass, while the rest of the glass or crystal remains intact.

The combination of the laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can form high-efficiency automatic processing equipment, which opens up broad prospects for high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-cost processing and production. The CYCJET laser marking machine is a high-tech integrated new laser processing equipment that combines laser technology and computer technology. CYCJET UV laser marking machine adopts high-performance laser and numerical control technology and realizes three-dimensional dynamic precision laser carving in crystal and glass through self-developed optical system and control software, which solves the problem of slow carving speed, unstable system work, and incomplete function of image and word processing software. Comprehensively improve the efficiency, accuracy, maintainability, versatility, and safety of the system.

In addition, the CYCJET UV laser marking machine has a wide range of applications and can finely mark most materials. It can meet mass production and assembly line production, which is a powerful assistant in the field of fine processing. The material, shape, size, and processing environment of the processing object have great freedom, especially for automatic processing and special surface processing. And the processing method is flexible, which can not only meet the needs of laboratory-style single-item design but also meet the requirements of industrialized mass production. It has the characteristics of high marking speed, high efficiency, clear and permanent text patterns, stable performance, small size, and low power consumption.

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