How about YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL shipping services?
Through cooperating with the domestic and international trustworthy carriers, we offer our customers a wide variety of shipping options, such as by sea or air. All orders will be shipped via our own carrier partners depending on your package's dimensions, quantity and destination. Unless, you specify another carrier, and arrange the pickup. SHANGHAI YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD's shipping service will give you full confidence with every shipping project and you will be free of worrying about whether the goods are shipped on time.

Established years ago, YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL is a trusted global partner to customers and suppliers in laser coding machine designing and manufacturing. The handheld laser marker is one of the main products of YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL. cycjet laser coding equipment is manufactured strictly complying with relevant standards. It has been tested under IEC, JISC, RoHS, CE, etc, and the testing result shows that its electrical property and safety performance meet the regulations. The product can be controlled by a computer. This product has a high water treating effect. Its built-in ultrafiltration system can filter out the worthless and harmful suspended solids or other contaminants. It can be used to mark on materials of paper, plastics, metal, wood, etc.

Cycjet will constantly providing high quality laser marking machine. Please contact us!
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