High precision IC chip logo need laser marking machine to escort

by:cycjet     2020-07-07
Chip is all electronic products are almost as important as required for the accessories, every electronic products inside have this many IC chips, provides the different function, countless large and small electronics factory in shenzhen, and in such a vast amounts of IC chip applications how permanent preservation, environmental protection, security, and information that needs to be involved in the laser marking machine. Chip can be integrated on silica gel plate of many electronic components to form a circuit, to some specific function, and the chip is so much you need to do some marking to distinguish between their functions, such as design, digital, etc. Chip volume is very small, however, this would require the use of laser marking machine precision, meticulous chip chip for laser marking and can not damage the function of the chip properties. Litres of laser marking in IC chip is convenient, people have a special research and development of the IC chip automatic laser marking machine, its structure design USES the modular, reconfigurable design, on the one hand, upgrading to reduce costs, improve efficiency. Fixture can be replaced rapidly at the same time, many varieties, small batch of flexible production of IC chips. Can realize laser automatic marking precision guarantee of IC chips, on the basis of mechanical positioning, combined with digital image processing system, image processing card as the core of multi-axis motion control card to control motor system with DSP card control the galvanometer scanning laser marking technology, realize high precision IC chip, a laser target, high speed requirements. To complete the automatic laser marking system of IC chip joint debugging and commissioning, according to different IC chip products, optimize the control parameters, satisfying the requirements of equipment design and IC chip precision of laser marking requirements. Comprehensive these instructions on IC chip packaging marking permanent character or LOGO, so that to identify the tracking and enterprise publicity, choose a laser mark the best choice, the people rise in IC automation laser marking machine has many cooperation cases, the behind which has accumulated experience in technology research.
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