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by:cycjet     2020-08-08
Guangzhou laser marking laser marking machine manufacturers _ guangzhou factory home a lot. You can try to choose our company: shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. This is a company specializing in the production of laser equipment manufacturer, our main products are laser welder, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, non-standard automation equipment, etc. , you can choose according to your specific needs, if necessary, our staff will assist you. Guangzhou laser marking machine by the power system, laser system, cooling system, optical scanning system. Q switch, focusing system to provide ac power for computer Q switch power supply, cooling circulating pump, such as laser power, laser power supply. All mirror produces laser resonant cavity, the Q switch modulation, forming a certain frequency of pulse laser peak power, with optical scanning. The surface of the table can be moved up and down, to adapt to the different thickness of the workpiece. Workpiece surface on the laser focal plane. Computer input using special markers of control software need lettering characters and pattern, set the size of the character and pattern of laser beam, mark area, walking speed and the number of need to be repeated. Scanning system can operate under computer control movement, the laser beam on the workpiece tag set text and pattern. The software with functions of automatic image distortion correction. Guangzhou laser marking machine cooling system of deionized water cooling, Q switch and the concentrator to maintain a certain temperature. In order to prevent them from burned, He - Ne laser has two functions: one is the indicator laser position, the second is providing optical path adjustment instructions. Guangzhou short pulse laser marking machine, high beam quality. Peak power features excellent application in the field of metal processing features, applicable to all kinds of nonmetal materials at the same time, such as ABS, nylon PES, PVC, etc. It is more suitable for the application of more accurate and precise. Used in electronic components, plastic keys, integrated circuits, integrated circuits, electrical appliances, etc. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. All the staff. Welcome your arrival. Our product adopts foreign advanced technology, strict production and supervision. Our product is reliable in performance and quality. In addition, if you want to know what the other, you are welcome to contact us through the following contact information. We are happy to be of service to you. ( 166 - 7535 - No. 9159 WX with)
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