Gantry and cantilever type? Optical fiber laser cutting machine to choose!

by:cycjet     2020-07-07
Although the cantilever structure and gantry structure have their own disadvantages, but in recent years, laser cutting machine of cantilever structure gradually less. Because of the cantilever structure, beam under the load, the deformation will attack, called deflection ( The diagram below) 。 Actually late adopts cantilever structure is not in the majority of manufacturers, their secondary after adding beam cross-sectional area, deal with cantilever beam deflection. But in recent years, along with the laser cutting machine to hundreds of meters ( The speed of 100 m/min) Cross-sectional area not only, complex added to the processing results, also form new achievement: laser cutting machine of high speed and high acceleration, high static characteristics, increase the weight of the beam, and bring the static deflection, namely deformation on the cantilever Liang Yuan end cutting trajectory attack. The deflection of cantilever structure brings achievement: thus, as the laser processing used to high-speed, high-speed, high volatility to carry out the requirements and the development of control technology progress, gantry type laser cutting machine equipment in recent years rapid, and to the common structural disadvantage to become the mainstream models in the world, and south China university of technology, and many other well-known brand laser cutting machine manufacturer adopted by tectonic pattern. Gantry structure of laser cutting machine has two kinds of sports, about large laser cutting machine, high speed and high function, usually adopts bilateral drive, to ensure the beam force equilibrium, beam synchronization operation. While unilateral drive will be asymmetrical stress on both ends of the beam, synchronous precision is affected, static function of machine tool is relatively poor grades. People rise of MARVEL6000 series CNC optical fiber laser cutting machine adopts laser is longmen structural style: double flooding has structural fluctuation, the characteristics of good rigidity, high speed, the X, Y uniaxial orientation speed can reach more than 100 m/min, the double drive reduction speed makes the X at the same time, the uniaxial deceleration to 2 g Y. At present, in the international gantry type structure of the double drive structure has been widely used in sheet metal laser cutting machine, metal products, steel structure, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses, jewelry, nameplate, advertising, handicrafts, electronics, toys, packaging and other industries, laser cutting equipment MARVEL6000 series is the major manufacturers to promotion of choice.
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