From the laser marking to the anti-counterfeit labels; Hairy crabs identified while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs while the priest climbs a post, the devil!

by:cycjet     2020-08-14
'Golden nine silver ten', from the popular idioms, you can see people love for harvest season. Another year to the Mid-Autumn festival. The Mid-Autumn festival in 2017 and happened to meet the National Day of the season. Doomed not to ordinary makes this year's festival. Sure enough, a long vacation now more than half, high-speed traffic, tourist attractions peaks, and so on news can be seen everywhere. Laser marking machine, of course, these are our holiday joy relishes some dinner at the same time. Meets the National Day, Mid-Autumn festival let's cheerfulness, work rectified after the rest, go home and visit excited, color and shape tempting food. Mid-Autumn festival night, a variety of fruits are listed, and moon cakes such as pastry is multifarious, in recent years has spawned a new aristocracy - Mid-Autumn festival food Hairy crabs. With the improvement of the electric business platform and preached, Mid-Autumn festival to eat crab gradually thorough popular feeling. The yangcheng lake hairy crabs and package and promoted by the media into aristocracy of the nobility. Used to be content with rare for expensive, is now material to blow as expensive, the advocacy of the mass media, has flowed, it becomes a hot property. And all kinds of imitation, fake, and so on. Yangcheng lake hairy crabs enjoy public rage as well as suffering from 'phoney'. Then, hairy crabs anti-counterfeiting and became a new business opportunities. As early as 15 years, the people will come into contact with a hairy crabs maker to buy laser anti-counterfeit marking equipment used for product identification. Time laser equipment manufacturers focus on agricultural and sideline products in the market, then successively appeared hairy crabs laser anti-counterfeiting mark, eggs code, laser laser, apple to success belongs to the pork after laser play back yards, also be incorporated into national food regulatory plan. And hairy crabs laser code is also popular for a time after dark. Slowly discovered, anti-counterfeiting and into a build pseudo, while the priest climbs a post, while the priest climbs a post, the ruler. Slowly become is authentic yangcheng lake hairy crabs was prince in civet cats, and other hairy crabs of imperial clan hall with laser equipment tattoo 'yangcheng lake hairy crabs'. Economical use of laser equipment has become counterfeiting of fraud as an accomplice. Into 17 years, suitable abundant, big alligator ali logistics such as electricity are focus on hairy crabs in the market, one after another, hairy crabs anti-counterfeiting has risen from the early 'tattoo' evolved 'buckle' button, anti-counterfeiting and became a new quality goods labels, this way more on a database, equivalent to the id, the land can be checked, seemingly unassailable. Can return to the mass of the people on the table, we in this Mr Samaras pushing risky environment, we really eat into the stomach, and how many elements of the yangcheng lake. Water conservancy, agricultural and sideline products anti-counterfeiting fraud like yu hydrophobic or blocking, prevent or cure. Who can play the role of 'dayu'?
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