From the gantry structure to bilateral drive laser cutting machine, what do you know

by:cycjet     2020-08-14
From bilateral drive laser cutting machine, gantry structure to the project planning and application of laser cutting machine in the industrial products, obtained the rapid development in recent years, near infrared wavelengths ( 1080海里) Also more conducive to the absorption of metal materials, especially in the field of welding, high display processing capacity and economy of power. Compared with CO2 gas laser, optical fiber laser cutting equipment maintenance costs low, the characteristics of low energy consumption, low operation cost; Optical fiber transmission, reflection lens does not adjust the external light path; Low power consumption, laser working gas consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. Near infrared laser wavelength, are more likely to cause harm to human body, especially the eye injury, equipment has better sealing and protection function. Why the laser cutting machine gantry structure of CNC laser cutting equipment? Structure types are usually used by longmen, cantilever, middle beam upside down. But with the laser processing technology in high speed, high speed, high stability and development of the application of the requirements for its unique structure to become the world's mainstream models, there are also many well-known structure of laser cutting machine manufacturers use. Laser cutting machine, its characteristic is compared with the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine, the application of optical fiber laser cutting machine for cutting metal, changed the external light path, cutting heads and auxiliary gas. Laser direct through the optical fiber transmission to the cutting head, light path to assure the consistence of part of machine tool cutting machine and the whole area, also do not need optical protective gas, focus directly on the cutting head, the laser, can usually be focusing lens focal length is 125 mm or 200 mm structure, protection, prevent the lens focus lens by the focus lens and nozzle pollution; Has a shorter focal depth, slit width ( Up to 0. 1mm) Good, high speed, fast cutting of fiber laser is focused on the performance, high speed cutting for sheet, why helical gear drive CNC laser cutting machine? Several direct axis with ball screw, gear and rack, linear motor. Ball screw is typically used for nc machine tool driving at low speed, rack and the wide range of sports, which can realize high speed, large stroke; High speed, high speed CNC machine adopts special structure of the linear motor. In addition, the rack can be divided into two kinds of straight teeth and helical. Than straight tooth meshing area is large, gear and rack is more stable. Laser cutting machine, gantry crane dynamic structure characteristic is bilateral drive? Laser cutting machine has two forms, one kind is gantry but fixed worktable processing, two goal of fixed and mobile workstations. For large size, high speed, high performance of laser cutting machine, usually in the form of the first to use, because with the moving of the workpiece and cutting operation is not suitable for high speed and heavy plate. Driving force balance beam, beam, laser operation of synchronous bilateral security. Some manufacturers driven by longmen unilateral cutting machine, servo motor installed on the longmen pole, and then through the long axis transfer to another side of the driver, to realize double bevel gear transmission, single servo motor drive. Unilateral driver make Liang Yingli asymmetry at both ends, affect the synchronization precision, reduce the machine dynamic performance.
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