Focus control, laser cutting machine of the quality of the product

by:cycjet     2020-07-18
Focus control, decide the quality of the products, laser cutting machine to higher accuracy and better quality products, so there are several key technology in laser cutting machine is must master. Control is one of the focus position, laser cutting machine is made by high energy beam, so the focal spot diameter as small as possible, that is to cut out the gap will be small. The smaller the depth of focus, focus and focus lens flare is smaller, want high quality cutting products, diameter and depth of focus and lens cutting material has a close relationship. So focus position control is crucial, because the speed of laser power density of laser cutting machine has a great influence, so the lens focal length choice is also very important, after focusing the laser beam spot size is directly proportional to the lens JiaoChangCheng, after short focal length lens to focus the light beam spot size is small, the focus in high power density, the material cutting is very good, but its drawback is that the depth is very short, adjust the margin is small, is generally applicable to the high speed cutting thin materials. Due to the long telephoto lens has a wide depth of focus, as long as have the enough power density, suitable for cutting thick artifacts. Focus control, laser cutting machine product quality when determining which coke after long lens, focus and relative position to ensure the quality of cutting on the surface of the workpiece is particularly important. Because of the focus in high power density, in most cases, the focus position just in cutting the workpiece surface, or slightly below the surface. In the whole cutting process, to ensure focus and workpiece position relatively constant is important condition to obtain the stable cutting quality. Sometimes, lens work because of poor cooling and heat causing focal length change, it's need to adjust the focus position. When the focus is in the correct position, small slot, high efficiency, cutting speed can be obtained very good cutting result. Applied in most cases, the light beam focus to just under the nozzle. About 5 mm. In the process of laser application there are three kinds of common method of determining the focus position is: 1, the printing method, is up and down on the plastic board printing, print the minimum diameter is the focus. 2, inclined plate, plate and the vertical axis into the same Angle, then make its pull to find the minimum level to focus. 3, blue spark method to remove the nozzle, will play in sheet metal, laser pulses directly make it move up and down, maximize blue sparks as the focus. Is the people rise above laser small make up to you summarize some focus position of a simple control method.
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