Flight series on-line optical fiber laser marking machine, laser printer

by:cycjet     2020-07-07
With the rapid development of society, many items of the demand of the market, particularly large online laser marking machine is required to do assembly line production. Laser marking machine also can be divided into online online laser printer, online spurt the code machine, laser online spurt the code machine, etc. And those who use is superior quality at home and abroad brand ultraviolet laser, co2 laser, fiber laser, optical components and control boards are chosen high quality, good beam, system stability, the high speed, the advantages of the optical wrap tightly. This device can marking letters, Chinese characters, design, LOGO, symbols, Numbers, qr code, bar code, serial number, date, time, etc. , operations are computer control, simple operation, all design characters can be adjusted freely without any mold, no consumables, which can realize continuous production, can greatly save the production overall cost advantage. On-line optical fiber laser marking machine 1, small light equipment, production line can make it, and adjust the light, even complex lines can easily cope with. 2, high quality laser at home and abroad, marking speed, beam is stable, but 24 hours of continuous work, realize batch production. 3, long service life of the machine, no supplies, high photoelectric conversion. 4, the operation is simple, as long as the simple daily computer operation, can be a little training. 5, customer buying equipment, people liters laser will ensure BaoJiao package, the church. Flying optical fiber laser marking machine in the use of security is very broad, such as: carries an anti-counterfeit label for the anti-counterfeit label for the pharmaceutical packaging, food, drinks, anti-counterfeiting back yards, articles for daily use three code label, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the bottle filling production date marking, tobacco and so on.
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