Flight considerations and co2 laser marking machine marking machine works

by:cycjet     2020-07-08
1, do check, before using flying laser marking machine, be sure to check the cooling fan is normal, only in the case of ensuring normal can be excited laser marking machine and its power supply, or affect the service life of the marking machine. 2, before use to ensure that the voltage stability, if not sure whether the voltage stability, best to marking machine equipped with a power supply voltage regulator, to ensure that work under voltage state, once appear, the power supply or other abnormal situations at work, don't panic, to hasten to shut off the power master switch, three minutes and then check the cause of the problem. 3, ensure good working environment, not all of the work environment is conducive to the normal work of the flying laser marking machine, don't work in air airtight case, prone to static electricity, it is important to ensure that work place good indoor ventilation, air humidity to over eighty percent, too low will generate static electricity, electronic original marking machine can be damaged if they are too high. 4, regular cleaning dust, laser marking machine, laser marking machine every once in a while from inside to outside to clean up a dust, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the laser marking machine, and lead to the internal working of small electronics is not flexible. 5, installation and handling, installation must pay attention to the entire machine to earth, pay attention to the power supply connection security, or abnormal power or cause abnormal equipment work. So, a lot of times, people judge how much money a laser marking machine, the question, basically to determine from some of these aspects, but in fact this kind of laser marking machine how many money, also have a certain relationship with product after-sale protection, such as many products are in terms of after-sale guarantee, then because the factory in this piece has a lot of input, then this part of the value is attached to the product, so the price is higher, but will be more assured to use. Co2 laser marking machine is now very popular a kind of new type ultraviolet laser marking machine, laser marking machine products, because now many people know that the use of laser marking machine range is very wide, people use is also very much, so people to the attention of this product is also more and more high, especially some like co2 laser marking machine professional equipment, but also the focus of many people, so for the co2 laser marking machine, many people are still ignorant, and to be familiar with such a device, such several aspects of the content and you have to know. The working principle of co2 laser marking machine. This is also a very important factors, it is to use a gas like carbon dioxide as a medium, to work together with some other medium, the medium of carbon dioxide occupy the dominant position, through in the co2 laser marking machine in the electrode after high pressure treatment, the formation of a special kind of laser light source, and then use the optical fiber laser marking machine, is to use the co2 laser processing, such as design of sculpture, carved in the text and so on, such a principle is very simple, familiar and soon, mastered the basic principles can help us more detailed understanding of the co2 laser marking machine. Now a lot of people would probably say the laser marking machine can be seen everywhere, form is also varied, why choose this kind of co2 laser marking machine, I think it is very important one reason is because the co2 laser marking machine is a very special product. Overall, the co2 laser marking machine mainly applies to some requirements of higher precision and faster work environment, because a lot of time some of the traditional laser marking machine on the speed and accuracy are more or less have some discrepancy and gap, therefore, when demand higher choose a better product is the best choice. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. Is a company committed to global customers with laser equipment and laser intelligent solutions high-tech enterprises, the company mainly research and development production _ _ _ laser marking machine - sales Laser welding machine Laser cutting machine - Laser engraving machine, the hotline: 400 - 009 - 8266 http: / / www。 szmslaser。 com/。
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