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Flexible Cable Inkjet Printing Solution

Flexible Cable Inkjet Printing Solution


Flexible Cable Inkjet Printing Solution

Customer Introduce and printing requirement:

The customer is an electronic high-tech enterprise integrating development, production and sales, specializing in the development and manufacture of FFC(flexible flat cable).

It adopts the world's advanced automatic production equipment and testing equipment. The products have passed UL certification and enjoy certain visibility in the industry.

In the FF line row logo, previously, customer used the screen-printing method. The ink used in screen printing has a large smell and has a certain influence on the health of the operator, 

the operator is not willing to operate. In addition, screen printing will also cause some pollution to the environment, and often worry about the inspection of environmental law enforcement personnel.

On the other hand, screen printing needs to make a large number of templates, which is time-consuming and inefficient. In order to solve the series of problems encountered by customers in the production identification, 

CYCJET sales engineers have developed a suitable identification scheme for the customer.

CYCJET Solution:

The solution adopts CYCJET the smart online inkjet printer, which is customized for the customer's printing software and integrated into the customer's line die-cutting production line. 

The printing effect is clear and beautiful. CYCJET Indistrial inkjet printer cartridges are all sealed and will not emit a pungent odor when printing. The printed content is directly edited on the printer, 

which is as fast and convenient as editing the mobile phone information, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. This solution is fully affirmed by the customer.

Principle of the CYCJET SMART inkjet printer:

The CYCJET SMART inkjet printer is a series of portable inkjet printers. The SMART inkjet printer is an automatic marking device integrating photoelectric, electromechanical and software systems. 

It consists of ink system, electrical system, mainboard control system and nozzle system. The nozzle consists of 256 70μm nozzles. When the temperature is 130°C,

the ink droplets to be sprayed are sprayed onto the product under the action of heat to form a logo. The printable contents include Chinese and English characters, serial numbers, pictures, barcodes, two-dimensional (QR) codes, etc.,

variable serial number, one object and one code, etc., and can also communicate with the customer information system through RS232 interface, real-time printing Information system content.

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