Fiber laser machine with carbon dioxide laser cutting machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-13
Fiber laser machine with carbon dioxide laser cutting machine in recent years, the booming in the laser cutting machine, and especially the fiber laser, fiber laser cutting machine and sheet metal blanking is also a hot topic in recent years. Due to the high beam quality optical fiber laser cutting machine laser device, high brightness, high conversion efficiency, low operating costs and the advantages of small volume and a series of generated much interest among the companies. Thermal cutting methods mainly include flame, plasma and laser cutting technology, including laser cutting can achieve a better cutting quality, especially for the diameter and the thickness ratio is less than 1:1 fine microporous cutting and processing. As a result, laser cutting technology in the industry is more suitable for strict fine cutting method. In the category of laser cutting, fiber laser cutting to get a lot of attention, because it provides both the carbon dioxide laser cutting speed and cutting quality can be realized, and maintenance and operating costs significantly reduced. So this makes the prospect of optical fiber laser cutting machine is good, many experts believe that it will soon replace other laser cutting system. Optical fiber cutting the main advantage of co2 laser cutting technology, carbon dioxide gas is the medium of a laser beam. However, optical fiber laser is working through the diode and the fiber optic cable transmission. Fiber laser system through multiple diode pumped laser beam, and then, through the flexible fiber optic cable transmission to laser cutting head, rather than through mirror transmission beam. So there is a big advantage, the first is cutting bed size. Gas laser technology in the mirror must be set within a certain distance, and its different, optical fiber laser technology has no limit. Optical fiber laser and can even be installed plasma cutting bed next to the plasma cutting head of co2 laser cutting technology without the optional item. Similarly, when compared to the same power of gas cutting system, as a result of the optical fiber bending capacity makes the system more compact. Optical fiber cutting technology is important and meaningful advantages should be its energy efficiency. With the optical fiber laser full solid state digital module, a single design, optical fiber laser cutting system has higher than co2 laser cutting electro-optic conversion efficiency. For co2 cutting system of the power supply unit, the actual utilization rate of about 8% to 10% in general. For fiber laser cutting system, users can expect higher power efficiency, about between 25% to 30%. Fiber-cutting system as a whole, in other words, consumes less energy than carbon dioxide cutting system about 3 to 5 times, up to more than 86% of energy efficiency. Optical fiber laser with short wavelengths, features so as to improve the absorptivity of cutting material on the beam, and enables the cutting such as brass and copper, and of non-conductive material. More focused beam generate smaller focus and deeper depth of focus, so that optical fiber laser can be quickly cutting thin materials and more effectively cutting medium thickness of the material. Cut to 5 mm thick material, 1. 5 kw fiber laser cutting system of cutting speed to 3 kw co2 laser cutting cutting speed of the system. Because fiber cutting the cost of the running cost is lower than the ordinary carbon dioxide cutting system, so it can be understood as output increase and the cost of doing business down. The problem of maintenance remains the same. Co2 gas laser systems need regular maintenance; Mirror need to maintenance and calibration, cavity need regular maintenance. On the other hand, the optical fiber laser cutting solution almost does not require any maintenance. Need to carbon dioxide as a gas laser, co2 laser cutting system due to the purity of carbon dioxide gas, inside the cavity will be pollution, need regular cleaning. For a number kilowatt co2 system, the spend at least 2 year after year. 50000 dollars. In addition, many need high speed axial flow turbine transmission laser cutting carbon dioxide gas, and turbines need to maintain and overhaul. Then, compared with carbon dioxide cutting system, optical fiber cutting solution is more compact, and the impact on the earth's environment is small, so you need less cooling, and significantly reduce energy consumption. Less maintenance and efficient makes the combination of optical fiber laser cutting and carbon dioxide laser cutting system, compared to emit less carbon dioxide, and more environmental protection.
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