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SHANGHAI YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD aims to go globally. With high-quality products and attentive customer services, we have established stable partnerships with customers from many parts of the world. Customers from different markets may have different preferences and needs. But with the flexibility of our production, we are able to cater to the different requirements. We are now exporting high-quality products to more and more countries and regions. No matter where you are and what your requirements are, we promise a satisfactory result to you.

YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL has been focusing on the R&D, design, and manufacture of laser marking equipment since the foundation. We are a company well-recognized in the China market. The large character inkjet printer is one of the main products of YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL. Advanced testing equipment is used in the production of cycjet inkjet coding machinery. The product will be tested under multimeter, Battery component detection system, and cell tester. The product features a fast marking speed. The product is not prone to oxidization. Through an electrical process to form a certain layer of an anodic layer on its surface, it is not affected by the air or moisture. The product has been certified under CE, SGS, and FDA.

Cycjet's devotion is to offer the most professional customer service which ranks top in laser marking equipment industry. Get more info!
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