Each function of laser marking machine instructions

by:cycjet     2020-07-22
Pulse laser marking machine, frequency, speed, power, and other functions of the basic instructions, the speed of the laser marking machine: refers to the speed of galvanometer, the speed can be adjusted by parameters of speed, not the speed of marking a product produced. Because of marking a product not only affected by parameters, also influenced by target depth, amplitude area. Marking the role of the velocity parameter is under other fixed condition, the faster the speed, then mark the faster speed. And the faster the marking in the same place, the less the number of laser blow need to need to play deep slow speed, but also is not the slower the release the better dozen of depth, this myth. If the target speed is too slow, is played on the surface of the subject matter can marking out the accumulation of material, this will affect the laser deep. So to play deep, with a low speed to play a few times more with high speed scan it again. The power of the laser marking machine, laser power play mark can be according to the percentage in the parameter debugging, parameter is the default 50% commonly, adjust the power, the greater the output of the laser energy is, the greater the marking depth is more simple. But the output of power or want to decide according to their own material, not the bigger power is better, as long as can meet the requirements of their own, and a machine work long time high load, the damage to the laser is very big. The frequency of the laser marking machine, uv marking the frequency of the laser marking machine is the pulse number in unit time, if the frequency of marking, laser spot is dense, small frequency, laser spot is sparse. , of course, we are feeling not to come out with the naked eye, want to put the play mark place under the electron microscope after zoom in to see, we seem to is a direct look at the time of contact line, actually not, secondary and tertiary consisting of a number of points, hit target frequency, the greater the laser spot is dense, play mark place will be more smooth.
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