Dongguan 30 w fiber laser marking machine uv laser marking machine equipment quotation

by:cycjet     2020-08-16
Dongguan 30 w fiber laser marking machine uv laser marking machine equipment quotation: fiber laser marking machine is widely used in computer accessories, industrial bearings, integrated circuit chips, electronic communication, aerospace, auto parts, hardware, mold, food and drug, jewelry, household appliances, kitchen supplies, watches and clocks, and other fields. Fiber optic equipment is currently the world's more advanced laser technology, using fiber laser output, fiber laser marking machine has the laser beam quality, stable performance, high electro-optical conversion, small volume, but empty cold, etc. Optical fiber laser marking machine for metal and non-metallic materials can be processed, and no pollution, long service life, simple maintenance, marking speed, almost no loss of processed material. 30 w fiber laser marking machine has high precision of three-dimensional positioning technology, high-speed focus scanning system, short pulses, the peak value, high frequency, to customers the perfect marking effect, the people rose laser is one of the best laser equipment industry. People liters laser is a furniture research and development, production, sales in the integration of power laser equipment enterprises, the company's main: fiber laser marking machine, metal laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, wood engraving machine, metal laser cutting machine, laser printer, jewelry laser engraving machine, co2 laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, non-standard automation equipment, laser and provide one-stop shopping service, for customers to provide laser technology solutions, and the people rise laser with perfect pre-market after-sales service, the company products are exported to overseas more than a dozen countries, by the broad masses of customer recognition.
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