Domestic laser welding machine need how many money is affordable?

by:cycjet     2020-08-10
There are a lot of people are asking, laser welding machine generally need how many money can buy, configuration? Many manufacturers are difficult to answer this question, because the laser equipment are customized according to customer's needs, not just a laser welding machine can be used. Now laser equipment market competition is intense, the ways in which can reduce costs, ensure the quality of laser equipment, the manufacturer of the competition, also has a lot of manufacturers to sell to win the market and use inferior parts, lead to many customers when buying equipment is not assured. So how do we know how much the laser welding machine is the ratio of sitting height? First we have to decide its own demand, according to their own product materials to choose suitable laser equipment, if you have time you can bring your own materials to the front of the factory proofing products, in order to more accurately know the machine is suitable for, such as: the choice of laser, laser host accessories, customers to understand, especially laser, which is the core component of a laser device. Want to know about the social evaluation to buy manufacturer, followed by welding workbench works, small and medium-sized processing plants are now usually use semi-automatic half manual, fully automated purchase cost will increase, semi-automatic can generally small and medium-sized factory, it can also save a lot of money. Also is very important, just need to pay special attention to the after-sale problems, laser equipment warranty is necessary, could you please refer the point, but then guaranteed, usually to keep two years or so. Machine how long this thing no one dare to ensure there is no problem, a lot of people to cheaper do not need to after-sales service, the results have the cost of maintenance is more expensive, but the warranty is not what parts can be provided free of charge, if is the loss of some require customers to spend money, all these when customers buy the machine will be clear, lest produce unnecessary disputes in the future. Shenzhen people liters laser in the laser equipment industry more than ten years, in the real application continuously improve technology, now has a range of equipment solutions. People liters laser together research and development, production, sales, service as a whole, leading technology, strength, quality assurance, performance is stable, and perfect service, trustworthy! People liters laser introducing new products to the market every year, in terms of laser equipment deployment by the vast number of users trust.
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