Domestic laser marking machine how to choose?

by:cycjet     2020-08-10
With the development of laser marking technology constantly, foreign imports of a laser marking machine prices there is no second ten basic can't get it, and about the kind of small companies, but also the domestic equipment of suitable economical type. Liters laser with the continuous development of science and technology, shenzhen people also constantly improve and enhance the level of its technology, try our best to make high quality equipment, more than 10 years of development and the production and business operation, our own research and development of laser marking machine marking role in laser our mutual praise. The people rise is how the domestic laser marking machine laser sold to all over the world? Domestic CO2 laser marking machine beam quality is poor; Marking a lot faster slow, perhaps only one-third of imported; Some marking is very rough, the processing precision of the effect of not high precision; Play mark when there are many light-leaking and power unstable; Stature is short of the use of imported life spans, etc. Now, the people rise laser now would be a perfect deal with these questions! People liters laser export many countries is the southeast area, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and other places every year exports of not less than 300 units. There are dealers also have terminal customers. Ten years of development, who is thin hair, the people l laser must by to the customers at home and abroad, is also is a national company.
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