Date of production laser marking machine enterprise development and structure

by:cycjet     2020-07-18
Now along with the increasing seriousness of food quality problems, not only because of the quality problem of the food itself composition, but so is because some bad sales tampering date, leading people to eat expired food causes all sorts of breakthrough disease, which is bad for people's health, how can production date for effective control of food without being fake changes, the production date of laser marking is arguably the most popular trend now, by evaporation, ignition, chemical reaction and so on ways to make the material surface etching the permanent marker, there are specific in food, packaging class specialized production date (such as the production date of laser marking machine, this form to print on the tag is not easy to not easily erased, not easy to corrode, help to improve the production date for all kinds of products on the market is the phenomenon of disorderly change. A, date of production laser marking machine is helpful to check the 'date' of food. Now on the market for packaging can be said to be the inclusion of very disorderly, laser marking machine most packaging are shoddy, the sham as the genuine, people tend to look at packaging production date completely don't see true and false, because it is possible even the shelf life is likely to be fraudulent, so regular factories and people urgently need to be able to curb this phenomenon, to confirm the production date is reliable, laser marking machine is specially designed for print production date and laser processing equipment, to restore the order of the food industry plays an indispensable role. Is the principle of laser marking machines are applied to the production date, shelf life, such as production time with laser engraved on the packaging, it use high density high energy laser beam itself to make bags vaporization or chemical changes occur, leaving a permanent marker, such an approach is applied to the production date mark with high precision, marking speed, tag hd visible, etc. Date of laser marking machine for the production of processed foods can be said to be the essential existence, but there are many manufacturers think this date relative to the laser marking machine inkjet printer uv laser marking machine purchase price is too expensive, the burden of the cost of a much larger percentage, and ink-jet printer purchasing price is relatively cheap, but it has a fatal flaw, ink-jet printer is by its colour printing or printing date of production can be arbitrarily human tampering, but starting from the fundamental interests of the enterprise long-term development, date relative to the laser marking machine inkjet printer is more advantageous to enterprise's development in the future:. 1, the date of the laser marking machine can improve the efficiency of enterprise production, can substantially reduce repetition of work. 2, the implementation date of laser marking machine is a precise control of marking, this can save material loss, large cost savings for the enterprise. 3, the date of laser marking machining process safer and more environmentally, won't produce chemical substance pollution to the surroundings. 4, production date printing clear, put an end to bad date tampering, can effectively improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, create more positive image for the enterprise. Date of production of optical fiber laser marking machine laser marking machine for enterprise, or for the consumer, is very good and necessary, enterprises purchase cost is high, don't look at the eyes should be focused on the laser marking machine for enterprises to create more high value and profit in the future. What are the composition of laser marking machine structure. 1, laser light source: only in the light source, marking machine is the use of power, so the laser light source is a marking machine is able to be used and the use of the most basic material, it is placed in the interior of the marking machine, it can not be material random destruction of the outside world, to a certain degree above extend the service life of the marking machine. 2, the fiber laser: this is the important part of the laser, if use undeserved, easy to cause the service life of the marking machine cut short. 3, use system: this system is divided into three parts, part for scanning system, and focus on the system and computer control system, only the system of perfect cooperate to make marking machine marking work perfect. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. Is a company committed to global customers with laser equipment and laser intelligent solutions high-tech enterprises, the company mainly research and development production _ _ _ laser marking machine - sales Laser welding machine Laser cutting machine - Laser engraving machine, the hotline: 400 - 009 - 8266 http: / / www。 szmslaser。 com/。
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